Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ring Optical Mouse Winner

Srihari of Myblogcontests is one busy man. As he won something(read my previous post) he is also giving out something.

Who Won : MR-Gee

Who Gave:

What : Ring Type Optical mouse

Why : To create a buzz about their new toolbar.

When(Results Announced) : 20 Dec 07

Sony Printer Winner

Who Won : Shrihari Sankaran from

Who Gave: Worldiki

What : Soney Photo Printer + paper + ink worth about US200

Why : Because Grace and Pedro the travelling couple just wanted to bring some attention to their blog and about their travel adventures.

When(Results Announced) : 16 Dec 07

Friday, December 14, 2007

Digital Camera Winner

Who Won : “Mike from No APR Credit”

Who Gave:

What : Canon IXY Digital

Why : Neil wanted to give away a relatively new used camera because he purchased a very new one. At the same time create a buzz and gain new followers.

When(Results Announced) : 11 Dec 07

How About A Nintendo Wii

We just got very excited with this prize. Who wouldn't wish for such prizes for the holiday season. Contest beat is a site listing exciting contest in the blogosphere.

Who : Contest Beat

Prize : Ninentdo wii

What to do : Blog about the contest and link to their post or subscribe to email feed

Contet End Date : 24 Dec 07

Result Date : 25/ 26 Dec 07

Don't forget to link to the sponsors of this contest CellforCash who is backing up their contest.

25 Dollars For Christmas

This is yet again an easy contest where you can walk away with 25 hard cash to spend for the holiday season.

Who : The Blog Scape

Prize : $25 Cash

What to do : Either blog, subscribe to feed or tech favourite the blog. Each carry points and more chances for you to win

End date : 24 Dec 07

While you enter the contest , take time to look at the blog. Since this blog is intended to be a guide to better blogging , if blogging interest you check out.

Monday, December 10, 2007

$100 for the holiday season

Link Bait Me wanted to win a contest, so what did they do ? They held one (no marks for correct guess). The mybloglog contest held by these folks ended and the result is as follows

Winner : International Freebies

Prize : $100

Result Announced On : 10-Dec-07

Thursday, December 6, 2007

$100 Apple Gift Cert

Georgia got rich by Cant Get Rich. How did this happen. Well if you had particiapted in their contest you would know.

Winner : Georgia

Prize : $100 Apple Gift Certificate

Result Announced On : 2-Dec-07

Did you notice the category / label of their winner announcement post ;) ?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

2GB Stick From The Woods

Hey , this is pretty exciting. We love the look of it. How about a stick attached to the wooden log. Look at the pictures.

What to do : Blog about the contest hosted by The Prize Blog. Link to their original contest post and finally send a mail.

Prize : 2 GB memory stick worth a cool $115

End Date : 31-Dec-07

When you finish your log cakes, it is time for log sticks .

Err. Does it sound good. Sorry we tried a bit of poetry. So now you know we are not good at peotry but we are good in appreciating nice looking things.

Optical Mouse Ring

Wonder what it is ? Well we have not heard of it. Ok, admit that we are not tech geeks. Ok , it is a optical mouse which can be worn on your finger like ring and use it on any surface just like we use the mouse. For more features visit the contest post.

Sounds interesting ? Actually we are entering the contest just because My Blog Contest came up with such a cool prize.

What to do : Blog about their contest , link to contest post and also to the the toolbar post because the whole contest is for that. Remember to send a mail with a link to your post. For additional points, subcribe, techorati favourite it .

Prize : Ring Optical Mouse

End Date : 12 Dec 07

$50 Winner from A blog About Nothing

Here is the winner of the $50 cash from A blog about nothing

Winner :Steve O of Window on Life

Prize : $50

Result Annouced on : 3 - Dec -07

Congratulations Steve .