Sunday, September 16, 2007

Myblogcontest dot com is the winner of the reserved spot

I had opened this blog for people to brag , boast, share about the contest/competitions they won on other blogs/website. The first postie is the lucky winner of the featured place on the right side bar for a month.

Don't strain your brain to guess who is the luckiest. Just look at who bragged first. If you can't bend down to see that, here is the result: Drum Roll Please ..........

Oh man, not only did they win from the moghul but also from the newborn (that refers to this blog. Do you realise that we are just 3 days old !!!) This is a double victory for them.

Congrats to Myblogcontest. Enjoy your high spot on top of this blog for a month. Your profile will be posted as soon as you tell me what to put there.

Dear all, note that everyone posting here is a winner too. Every post you send announcing what you won will be listed here along with links to you blog/site.

Start bragging and spread the word around :)

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