Wednesday, October 3, 2007

First Task To Do When You Win A Podcasting Kit

If someone wins a podcasting kit in a blog contest what will he/she do? If your answer is "They will start to podcast or give it away in their own blog contest" you are only partially correct.
Then what is the fully correct reply? The first point should have been "They will brag about it in their blog" and obviously that is the fundamental thing to do. That is what tatraplan did when he won in David Airey's contest. We consider him to be smart because he linked his bragging post to us.

Here is a some additional information. Looks like our winner is an avid F1 fan and so there is a contest to identify the name of the person in the burning car picture. When it comes to F1 we are a 'F' too ('F'ail grade). So if you whisper the name of the contestant then we can leave a comment in your post for our bid. Our eyes are on the $100 prize money:). If you are interested in either $100 or F1 then head down to F1wolf.
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