Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Does something stop you ?

That is what we wonder about our readers. We have posted list of winners all through and time and again we remind them that we are the official bragging promoters.

But the response from folks who have won something is minimal. Is it that you are too shy or too humble to boast about your win or is it just too much of a hassle dropping a note here.

We are quite interested to know about this. What do you say ?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Check If You Can Get Rich On-line

Do you want to check if you can get rich online. Can we predict that. Not until we know what your goals and the efforts you are putting in are.

But Can't Get Rich already knows the answer. Read their blog name again. Cmon folks, don't be demotivated. Just prove them wrong with a post about their contest for a cool $100 apple store gift cert. A win means you are $100 richer than what you are now.

What to do : Write a post about and link to the contest page and homepage. These guys are a curious lot. They also want to know what you will purchase with the cert. We intend to top it up for a purchase of a ipod classic. How cool is that ? Check out all other rules too.

Prize : $100 gift cert from apple store

End Date : 01 Dec 07

Results Date : 02 Dec 07

$100 goes to

The results of the love contest at contest blogger is out . Check these

Winner : http://cyberpartygal.blogspot.com/

Prize : $100 cash

Results Announced on : 16 Nov 07

$500 Contest Result

Who walked away with a cool $500 from Marketing Pilgrim ?

Winner: John Wayne Says it Best

Prize : $500

Result Announced On : 16 Nov 07

Friday, November 16, 2007

Winner of Browie ipod contest

Jess is the lucky winner to walk(dance) with the a ipod nano or it may be a $100 if the winner lives outside US/Canada.

Result Announced On : 16 Nov 07

You Can Win If You Subcribe

This is one of the simplest way to win a prize. Blog about your blog is giving away 3 prizes . Here are the details :

1 month 125×125 banner spot
1 month blogroll link
1month rss feed advertisement.

Requirement : Subscribe to their rss email subscription and make sure you confirm it.

Contest End Date : 30 Nov 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Winners of Blog About Your Blog Contest

Winners and Prizes :
1. GLF wins the 200$ cash prize
2. Shankrila wins 50$ cash
3. Qtpies7 wins 50$ cash
4. Bebemiqui wins the website review
5. Blog Contest Central wins the featured blog!

Result Announced Date : 12 Nov 07

Congrats winners. Did you subscribe to Link And Earn to keep you updated about contest results.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Those baby thingies

We are not babies, but we are constantly buying baby products because we know a lot of people having babies.

It is always a nice experience to go shopping for baby products. Everything is lovely. When Great Green Baby is holding a thanksgiving contest to give out baby clothing on a weekly basis, why not throw in our bid and at the same time give a shout out for the benefit of others.

How To Enter : You can enter through many ways.
Leave a comment or
Sign up for the newsletter or
Link to their blog and drop an email to them.

Prizes : Diaper bags, milk bottles, bibs, booties.... those are our needs. It is a onesie for this week.

End Date : Every week end we guess. Since this is the first contest we will track when is the results announced.

PS: The link to the contact form via the 'email me' gave a 404 error. Did it work for any of you ?

Friday, November 9, 2007

Link To Win $100

Here is a trivia question. What will linkbaitme ask for . Ofcourse links. No prizes for getting the answer right . But you can get 100 if you link to the communities of Joetech who runs linkbaitme.

Contest Host :Linkbaitme

Prize : $100

Requirements : Join all 3 communities in mybloglog maintained by Joe. If you want additional chances , blog about the contest and link to this page. Drop a message at the post.

Contest End Date : 30 Nov 07.

Some Contest Results to be published

1. Who : Kotaku.com

Prize : Blacksite Area 51 gaming PC

End Date : 12 Nov 07

2. Who : therookieblogger.com

Prize : $50

End Date : End Of Nov

3. Who : bloggin-ads.com

Prize : Adspots, Review,Blog Lik

End Date : 19 Nov 07

4. Who : thewritersmanifestoblog.com

Prize : $100

End Date : 30 Nov 07

Winners of ShanKri-la Diwali Giveaway

ShanKri-la announced the results of the Diwali contest they held recently.

Winners and Prizes

1. gLf of AboutBlogContest - Wins the 1GB USB Drive
2. Sensei of Contestu - Wins the 1GB SD Photo Loader Card

Results Announced on : 09- Nov -07

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ask and you shall be given the prize

Hey folks ,We won a full conference ticket from bloggers school to BlogWorld expo to be held in LasVegas on between 8-9 Nov 07.

If you are passionate about blogging or if you have just started to think about blogs, whatever the case may be , you will not be disappointed at blogworld expo.

Unfortunately we can't make it to the event. But if any of you are interested drop a comment here. We will pick up a random person and pass the tickets to you. Hey only the ticket to expo is the prize not airfare to Las Vegas or any other wonderful thing which you plan to do there :)

Take a peek at the key speakers here.

Please note: We are almost close to the dates, so if you think you can really make it then please particiapte because you may not get enough time to shout in your blog and pass it to others. Let this benefit someone atleast.

Bloggers school has told us that we can pass on the tickets. We will try and secure it for you. If for some reason they are unable to pass the ticket to us , please don't kick us.

Want to grab 4000 dollar worth prizes?

With the holiday season fast approaching, who wouldn't want to grab as much freebies and goodies as possible. Especially when the host crucial web is in holiday mood , we will share their happiness by winning a prize. uh? when we win , who is happy , we are the host ;)
Prize(s) :
What you should do : You can do any or all of the following. Write a post(1 point), link to sponsor (1 point) ,subscribe to rss (1 point), signup for a year/month (30/10 points) hosting with them, signup for affliliate program. With each you gain more tickets for the contest.
End Date : 05 Dec 07
Results on : 10 Dec 07
6 lucky people will celebrate this christmas with something extra. So hurry up. Spread the holiday mood.

Winner of $1800 worth adspot

Gadgetastic has announced the winner of the competition which the held to celebrate the launch of their redesigned website.

Winner : Johncow.com

Prize : 3 months 125*125 advertisement spot worth $1800

Result Announced On : 01 Nov 07

Congrats cow. Will you come here to moo.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Is this Ipod Yours ?

If you win something in a contest what can you do ? Well, you can keep the prize with you and enjoy or you can give it away and bring some crowd to your blog. That is what browie is doing.
Prize : ipod Video Nano
What you should do : Either leave a comment or post about the blog, link to it (with anchor text Personal Blog) and to the contest post.
End Date : 15 Nov 07

Contest Restriction : Ipod shipped only to people in US, Canada and UK. Others will get $100.

Well, we are quite fine to have $100. Cash is the King, Queen, Jack and Everything.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

John Chow Rss Contest Winners

Here is the Grand prize from John for the Shoe Vs John RSS Contest.

1. Grand Prize Winner : Keith Dsouza of Techie Buzz
Prizes : Click here to have a look.

2. 1000 Directory Submission Package Winners by SEO Next
Shaun Carter
Thien Lee
Roseate Marketing Tips
GPT Site News
Lee Stranahan

3. Other Winners
Contest Beat - Free Blog Consultation with BlogLOUDER
Silent Babble - Text link and review by Online Cash Flow
Online Cash Flow - 125×125 button ad by Etienne Teo

Result Announcement Date : 02 Nov 07

Congrats to all winners. Remember to subscribe to Link And Earn to keep you updated with contest results. And don't forget to brag about your win here.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Our Photos Need A Sony Printer

We love to travel. Most of you would have said this at some point. But how many actually do it. Atleast Grace Cheng and Pedra Pla are doing what they say.
They are travelling , working , doing business havng fun and also maintain a blog worldiki.com . Working while travelling ? Guess we have to learn the trick from them. We just exhausted ourself during our vacation early this year and no time even to browse. Take a look at their site. Very simple , clean and interesting.

Coming to the matter now, they are planning to give away a Sony photo printer worth about $200 if you are interested to spread the word about them. That is a neat good prize for a post isn't?

How to Enter : Write a post about them and leave a comment , for additional chances email to your friends.

Deadline : Searching for it.....
Update: Folks there have said the contest ends on 15 Dec 07.

We have loads of photos waiting in our hard-disk to be printed , will we leave a chance ?

Diwali contest at ShanKri-la

Diwali is the festival of lights and all Indians will have fond memories of it. To celebrate Diwali this year , ShanKri-la is giving out 2 items
1. 1GB Kingston DataTraveller USB Flash Drive
2. 1GB Kingston PhotoLoader SD Memory Card

Thats mean there are 2 winners who will be declared on 07 Nov 07.

How to enter the contest? Either write a post, subscribe to their feed or stumble it, each gain different points. Increase your chance to win if you do all 3. See complete rules here.

A very simple and short contest. Let us cheer them. And best wishes as this is their first experiment.

Hey, Happy Diwali Folks !!! Will you give some delicious Indian snacks for the runners up ;)

Grand Prize in Shoemoney RSS contest

The show between Shoemoney and JohnChow is over and Shoemoney has proved he has more evil marketing power that JC.

While they were in the ring, the audience won the prize. The grand winner to sweep many items as their prize is

Winner : Jason Murphy
Prize : Quite a handful. Have a look here
Result Announcement Date : 01 - Nov -7

Do You Know ABC

Not the ABCDE...XYZ but A.B.C of About Blog Contests . Yentoo declared them as the winner of their $25 cash contest. Congrats !!!

Winner : About Blog Contests
Prize : $25
Result Annoucement Date : 01- Nov -07

Contact us to Multiply and Divide

Hold on guys, don't let your thoughts run wild on the title ;)

What we mean is multiply your joy and divide your sorrows.We are waiting to hear your success stories. Contact us to show your prize.

At the same time we are ready to offer a shoulder if you want to divide your sorrow on the contest or gift that disappointed you.
We offer not a handkerchief but a towel to wipe your tears. Offload here.

If mailing is not your hobby, make a comment here. We will surely follow you.

iPod Video Nano is on its way

Successforyourblog held a contest to give out an ipod video nano.

Winner : Laura of My journey to One Million Dollars
Announcement Date: 31 Oct 07

What a cool one that is. Why didn't we put our bid ?

Media Mafia won 100 Dollars

Yeah Media Mafia got $100. Not from us , but from the easiest 100 dollar contest hosted by contest beat . Congrats folks , come here to brag about it.