Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ring Optical Mouse Winner

Srihari of Myblogcontests is one busy man. As he won something(read my previous post) he is also giving out something.

Who Won : MR-Gee

Who Gave:

What : Ring Type Optical mouse

Why : To create a buzz about their new toolbar.

When(Results Announced) : 20 Dec 07

Sony Printer Winner

Who Won : Shrihari Sankaran from

Who Gave: Worldiki

What : Soney Photo Printer + paper + ink worth about US200

Why : Because Grace and Pedro the travelling couple just wanted to bring some attention to their blog and about their travel adventures.

When(Results Announced) : 16 Dec 07

Friday, December 14, 2007

Digital Camera Winner

Who Won : “Mike from No APR Credit”

Who Gave:

What : Canon IXY Digital

Why : Neil wanted to give away a relatively new used camera because he purchased a very new one. At the same time create a buzz and gain new followers.

When(Results Announced) : 11 Dec 07

How About A Nintendo Wii

We just got very excited with this prize. Who wouldn't wish for such prizes for the holiday season. Contest beat is a site listing exciting contest in the blogosphere.

Who : Contest Beat

Prize : Ninentdo wii

What to do : Blog about the contest and link to their post or subscribe to email feed

Contet End Date : 24 Dec 07

Result Date : 25/ 26 Dec 07

Don't forget to link to the sponsors of this contest CellforCash who is backing up their contest.

25 Dollars For Christmas

This is yet again an easy contest where you can walk away with 25 hard cash to spend for the holiday season.

Who : The Blog Scape

Prize : $25 Cash

What to do : Either blog, subscribe to feed or tech favourite the blog. Each carry points and more chances for you to win

End date : 24 Dec 07

While you enter the contest , take time to look at the blog. Since this blog is intended to be a guide to better blogging , if blogging interest you check out.

Monday, December 10, 2007

$100 for the holiday season

Link Bait Me wanted to win a contest, so what did they do ? They held one (no marks for correct guess). The mybloglog contest held by these folks ended and the result is as follows

Winner : International Freebies

Prize : $100

Result Announced On : 10-Dec-07

Thursday, December 6, 2007

$100 Apple Gift Cert

Georgia got rich by Cant Get Rich. How did this happen. Well if you had particiapted in their contest you would know.

Winner : Georgia

Prize : $100 Apple Gift Certificate

Result Announced On : 2-Dec-07

Did you notice the category / label of their winner announcement post ;) ?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

2GB Stick From The Woods

Hey , this is pretty exciting. We love the look of it. How about a stick attached to the wooden log. Look at the pictures.

What to do : Blog about the contest hosted by The Prize Blog. Link to their original contest post and finally send a mail.

Prize : 2 GB memory stick worth a cool $115

End Date : 31-Dec-07

When you finish your log cakes, it is time for log sticks .

Err. Does it sound good. Sorry we tried a bit of poetry. So now you know we are not good at peotry but we are good in appreciating nice looking things.

Optical Mouse Ring

Wonder what it is ? Well we have not heard of it. Ok, admit that we are not tech geeks. Ok , it is a optical mouse which can be worn on your finger like ring and use it on any surface just like we use the mouse. For more features visit the contest post.

Sounds interesting ? Actually we are entering the contest just because My Blog Contest came up with such a cool prize.

What to do : Blog about their contest , link to contest post and also to the the toolbar post because the whole contest is for that. Remember to send a mail with a link to your post. For additional points, subcribe, techorati favourite it .

Prize : Ring Optical Mouse

End Date : 12 Dec 07

$50 Winner from A blog About Nothing

Here is the winner of the $50 cash from A blog about nothing

Winner :Steve O of Window on Life

Prize : $50

Result Annouced on : 3 - Dec -07

Congratulations Steve .

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Does something stop you ?

That is what we wonder about our readers. We have posted list of winners all through and time and again we remind them that we are the official bragging promoters.

But the response from folks who have won something is minimal. Is it that you are too shy or too humble to boast about your win or is it just too much of a hassle dropping a note here.

We are quite interested to know about this. What do you say ?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Check If You Can Get Rich On-line

Do you want to check if you can get rich online. Can we predict that. Not until we know what your goals and the efforts you are putting in are.

But Can't Get Rich already knows the answer. Read their blog name again. Cmon folks, don't be demotivated. Just prove them wrong with a post about their contest for a cool $100 apple store gift cert. A win means you are $100 richer than what you are now.

What to do : Write a post about and link to the contest page and homepage. These guys are a curious lot. They also want to know what you will purchase with the cert. We intend to top it up for a purchase of a ipod classic. How cool is that ? Check out all other rules too.

Prize : $100 gift cert from apple store

End Date : 01 Dec 07

Results Date : 02 Dec 07

$100 goes to

The results of the love contest at contest blogger is out . Check these

Winner :

Prize : $100 cash

Results Announced on : 16 Nov 07

$500 Contest Result

Who walked away with a cool $500 from Marketing Pilgrim ?

Winner: John Wayne Says it Best

Prize : $500

Result Announced On : 16 Nov 07

Friday, November 16, 2007

Winner of Browie ipod contest

Jess is the lucky winner to walk(dance) with the a ipod nano or it may be a $100 if the winner lives outside US/Canada.

Result Announced On : 16 Nov 07

You Can Win If You Subcribe

This is one of the simplest way to win a prize. Blog about your blog is giving away 3 prizes . Here are the details :

1 month 125×125 banner spot
1 month blogroll link
1month rss feed advertisement.

Requirement : Subscribe to their rss email subscription and make sure you confirm it.

Contest End Date : 30 Nov 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Winners of Blog About Your Blog Contest

Winners and Prizes :
1. GLF wins the 200$ cash prize
2. Shankrila wins 50$ cash
3. Qtpies7 wins 50$ cash
4. Bebemiqui wins the website review
5. Blog Contest Central wins the featured blog!

Result Announced Date : 12 Nov 07

Congrats winners. Did you subscribe to Link And Earn to keep you updated about contest results.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Those baby thingies

We are not babies, but we are constantly buying baby products because we know a lot of people having babies.

It is always a nice experience to go shopping for baby products. Everything is lovely. When Great Green Baby is holding a thanksgiving contest to give out baby clothing on a weekly basis, why not throw in our bid and at the same time give a shout out for the benefit of others.

How To Enter : You can enter through many ways.
Leave a comment or
Sign up for the newsletter or
Link to their blog and drop an email to them.

Prizes : Diaper bags, milk bottles, bibs, booties.... those are our needs. It is a onesie for this week.

End Date : Every week end we guess. Since this is the first contest we will track when is the results announced.

PS: The link to the contact form via the 'email me' gave a 404 error. Did it work for any of you ?

Friday, November 9, 2007

Link To Win $100

Here is a trivia question. What will linkbaitme ask for . Ofcourse links. No prizes for getting the answer right . But you can get 100 if you link to the communities of Joetech who runs linkbaitme.

Contest Host :Linkbaitme

Prize : $100

Requirements : Join all 3 communities in mybloglog maintained by Joe. If you want additional chances , blog about the contest and link to this page. Drop a message at the post.

Contest End Date : 30 Nov 07.

Some Contest Results to be published

1. Who :

Prize : Blacksite Area 51 gaming PC

End Date : 12 Nov 07

2. Who :

Prize : $50

End Date : End Of Nov

3. Who :

Prize : Adspots, Review,Blog Lik

End Date : 19 Nov 07

4. Who :

Prize : $100

End Date : 30 Nov 07

Winners of ShanKri-la Diwali Giveaway

ShanKri-la announced the results of the Diwali contest they held recently.

Winners and Prizes

1. gLf of AboutBlogContest - Wins the 1GB USB Drive
2. Sensei of Contestu - Wins the 1GB SD Photo Loader Card

Results Announced on : 09- Nov -07

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ask and you shall be given the prize

Hey folks ,We won a full conference ticket from bloggers school to BlogWorld expo to be held in LasVegas on between 8-9 Nov 07.

If you are passionate about blogging or if you have just started to think about blogs, whatever the case may be , you will not be disappointed at blogworld expo.

Unfortunately we can't make it to the event. But if any of you are interested drop a comment here. We will pick up a random person and pass the tickets to you. Hey only the ticket to expo is the prize not airfare to Las Vegas or any other wonderful thing which you plan to do there :)

Take a peek at the key speakers here.

Please note: We are almost close to the dates, so if you think you can really make it then please particiapte because you may not get enough time to shout in your blog and pass it to others. Let this benefit someone atleast.

Bloggers school has told us that we can pass on the tickets. We will try and secure it for you. If for some reason they are unable to pass the ticket to us , please don't kick us.

Want to grab 4000 dollar worth prizes?

With the holiday season fast approaching, who wouldn't want to grab as much freebies and goodies as possible. Especially when the host crucial web is in holiday mood , we will share their happiness by winning a prize. uh? when we win , who is happy , we are the host ;)
Prize(s) :
What you should do : You can do any or all of the following. Write a post(1 point), link to sponsor (1 point) ,subscribe to rss (1 point), signup for a year/month (30/10 points) hosting with them, signup for affliliate program. With each you gain more tickets for the contest.
End Date : 05 Dec 07
Results on : 10 Dec 07
6 lucky people will celebrate this christmas with something extra. So hurry up. Spread the holiday mood.

Winner of $1800 worth adspot

Gadgetastic has announced the winner of the competition which the held to celebrate the launch of their redesigned website.

Winner :

Prize : 3 months 125*125 advertisement spot worth $1800

Result Announced On : 01 Nov 07

Congrats cow. Will you come here to moo.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Is this Ipod Yours ?

If you win something in a contest what can you do ? Well, you can keep the prize with you and enjoy or you can give it away and bring some crowd to your blog. That is what browie is doing.
Prize : ipod Video Nano
What you should do : Either leave a comment or post about the blog, link to it (with anchor text Personal Blog) and to the contest post.
End Date : 15 Nov 07

Contest Restriction : Ipod shipped only to people in US, Canada and UK. Others will get $100.

Well, we are quite fine to have $100. Cash is the King, Queen, Jack and Everything.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

John Chow Rss Contest Winners

Here is the Grand prize from John for the Shoe Vs John RSS Contest.

1. Grand Prize Winner : Keith Dsouza of Techie Buzz
Prizes : Click here to have a look.

2. 1000 Directory Submission Package Winners by SEO Next
Shaun Carter
Thien Lee
Roseate Marketing Tips
GPT Site News
Lee Stranahan

3. Other Winners
Contest Beat - Free Blog Consultation with BlogLOUDER
Silent Babble - Text link and review by Online Cash Flow
Online Cash Flow - 125×125 button ad by Etienne Teo

Result Announcement Date : 02 Nov 07

Congrats to all winners. Remember to subscribe to Link And Earn to keep you updated with contest results. And don't forget to brag about your win here.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Our Photos Need A Sony Printer

We love to travel. Most of you would have said this at some point. But how many actually do it. Atleast Grace Cheng and Pedra Pla are doing what they say.
They are travelling , working , doing business havng fun and also maintain a blog . Working while travelling ? Guess we have to learn the trick from them. We just exhausted ourself during our vacation early this year and no time even to browse. Take a look at their site. Very simple , clean and interesting.

Coming to the matter now, they are planning to give away a Sony photo printer worth about $200 if you are interested to spread the word about them. That is a neat good prize for a post isn't?

How to Enter : Write a post about them and leave a comment , for additional chances email to your friends.

Deadline : Searching for it.....
Update: Folks there have said the contest ends on 15 Dec 07.

We have loads of photos waiting in our hard-disk to be printed , will we leave a chance ?

Diwali contest at ShanKri-la

Diwali is the festival of lights and all Indians will have fond memories of it. To celebrate Diwali this year , ShanKri-la is giving out 2 items
1. 1GB Kingston DataTraveller USB Flash Drive
2. 1GB Kingston PhotoLoader SD Memory Card

Thats mean there are 2 winners who will be declared on 07 Nov 07.

How to enter the contest? Either write a post, subscribe to their feed or stumble it, each gain different points. Increase your chance to win if you do all 3. See complete rules here.

A very simple and short contest. Let us cheer them. And best wishes as this is their first experiment.

Hey, Happy Diwali Folks !!! Will you give some delicious Indian snacks for the runners up ;)

Grand Prize in Shoemoney RSS contest

The show between Shoemoney and JohnChow is over and Shoemoney has proved he has more evil marketing power that JC.

While they were in the ring, the audience won the prize. The grand winner to sweep many items as their prize is

Winner : Jason Murphy
Prize : Quite a handful. Have a look here
Result Announcement Date : 01 - Nov -7

Do You Know ABC

Not the ABCDE...XYZ but A.B.C of About Blog Contests . Yentoo declared them as the winner of their $25 cash contest. Congrats !!!

Winner : About Blog Contests
Prize : $25
Result Annoucement Date : 01- Nov -07

Contact us to Multiply and Divide

Hold on guys, don't let your thoughts run wild on the title ;)

What we mean is multiply your joy and divide your sorrows.We are waiting to hear your success stories. Contact us to show your prize.

At the same time we are ready to offer a shoulder if you want to divide your sorrow on the contest or gift that disappointed you.
We offer not a handkerchief but a towel to wipe your tears. Offload here.

If mailing is not your hobby, make a comment here. We will surely follow you.

iPod Video Nano is on its way

Successforyourblog held a contest to give out an ipod video nano.

Winner : Laura of My journey to One Million Dollars
Announcement Date: 31 Oct 07

What a cool one that is. Why didn't we put our bid ?

Media Mafia won 100 Dollars

Yeah Media Mafia got $100. Not from us , but from the easiest 100 dollar contest hosted by contest beat . Congrats folks , come here to brag about it.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hey , we won Shoemoney contest

Yes , we won the . Do you know what it is all about. We will tell you when we get it.

Did we win because of our high capacity idea churning brain ? Nay, we got it because we were in the right place at the right time . But you have to analyse a lot about the right place and time.

The Shoemoney Vs Johnchow are engaged in a good battle on who will gain the most readership this month. While they compete , others go in and grab the prizes , as simple as that.

Afterall the ultimate winners are those 2 smart heads because they managed to grab a couple of thousand fans in a month. Congrats to all other winners.

Shoemoney RSS Contest Winners

The Shoe Vs Evil John contest is almost coming to the grand finale. Here are some more results before the final ones are announced.

Also did you notice , we won a PPCriches book. Our next post is to brag about it :)

Winners and Prizes for 29 oct

1. stian tonnesen: $100 - 1 “Sponsored Listing” from the Site Sift Web Directory - From Site Sift Web Directory, $79 - 1 copy of the SEO Book - From Aaron Wall , $60 - 125×125 banner on for 3 months - From

2. LinkAndEarn: $297 - 1 copy of - From

3. Robert: $500 - 1 SEO Site Audit From

4. Carl : $100 - 1 page on the Million Euro Wiki - From Million Euro Wiki , $100 - 1 free press release and submission consulting - From

Winners and Prizes for 28 oct

1. Charlie H : $144 - Advanced Web Hosting package from Tribune Hosting, $100 - 1 free press release and submission consulting - From

2. Dennis Chantavong : $100 - 1 page on the Million Euro Wiki - From Million Euro Wiki , $50 - Cash prize - From

3. Q Park : $100 - 1 page on the Million Euro Wiki - From Million Euro Wiki ,$36 - 1 copy of Steven Coveys “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” - From

4. Thomas Buscetta : $100 - 1 free press release and submission consulting - From , $79 - 1 copy of the SEO Book - From Aaron Wall , $34.99 - 1 link on as well as one year premium link on

Monday, October 29, 2007

dacfh caption contest winners

Vince, Becky and Callie , Did you know are the winners of the top 3 spots for the caption contest at "Dazed And Confused From Here" ?

How about nice brag here?

Shoemoney RSS Contest Winners

Will all the following winners rush in to brag at Link And Earn. Remember bragging is good for your blog's health and Wealth.

Winners and prizes for 27 Oct 07

1. Becky Rose: $100 - 1 page on the Million Euro Wiki - From Million Euro Wiki

2. dustin stewart : $100 - 1 limited edition Spiderman statue - From
$20 - 1 120x600 banner on - From

3. Joe Balestrino: $79 - 1 copy of the SEO Book - From Aaron Wall , $25 - Cash prize - From

4. George Kim : $100 - Google Adwords account - From Darin Carter , $20 - Cash prize - From

Winners and prizes for 26 Oct 07

1. Rhys Wynne : $209 - 1 WordPress coding spot - From

2. Mark Alcasid :$100 - 2 months of advertising in under "Glady Cool Sites" - From , $79 - 1 copy of the SEO Book - From Aaron Wall

3. Mark Bosma: $300 - Promotional BIC PENS - From BIC Promotional Pens

4. Amanda Blumer : $100 - 1 free press release and submission consulting - From

Winners and prizes for 25 Oct 07

1. Mr BBI : $79 - 1 copy of the SEO Book - From Aaron Wall , $75 - 1 domain registration plus 6 months of free shared web hosting - From Web Hosts Report

2. Tracy Robinson : $348 - 1 year free subscription of SoloSEO, SEO Project Management Software - SoloSEO

3. Q Park : $420 - 7 free words on - From WordHugger

4. Mark Bosma : $100 - 1 free page on Million Dollar Wiki - From Million Dollar Wiki ,
$90 - 1 460x60 banner advertising on one of the directories for 3 months and 1 ebook "Ancient Healing Techniques" - From

Winners and prizes for 24 Oct 07

1. Dexter : $449 - 1 free blog makeover - From Weborithm

2. Pat Marcello : $100 - 1 page on the Million Euro Wiki - From Million Euro Wiki , $50 - Cash prize - From

3. Dana Mark : $100 - 1 free page on Million Dollar Wiki - From Million Dollar Wiki , $20 - Cash prize - From

4. Dennis Chantavong : $79 - 1 copy of the SEO Book - From Aaron Wall , $75 - A review on the blog and a square banner to the winner on the sidebar for 2 months - From Codematics Technologies

Winners and prizes for 23 Oct 07

1. Andy Young : $297 - 1 copy of - From

2.Rey Gallegos : $100 - 1 free page on Million Dollar Wiki - From Million Dollar Wiki

3. Mike Seiler : $79 - 1 copy of the SEO Book - From Aaron Wall , $50 - Clockworkz Party Shop gift certificate - From Clockworkz Party Shop

4.Ryan Wickland : $200 - Bowling ball - From

Contest currently going on


Here are some interesting contest going on and our friends from blogcatalog dropped us a note about them. Check it out.

1. Drop a coment on " Why Should You go to Blog World Expo" at bloggersschool - Prize : Full Ticket to the expo for 8-9th Nov . End date sometime this week.

2. Best Halloween themed story at byzantineroads - Prize : Nephilim game . Contest Ending 02 Nov.

3. Send Your Photo And Drop A Comment at laketrees - Prize : Free Portrait worth $400 for Christmas . Contest Ending 21 Nov.

Best wishes and when you win, don't forget to brag here

Sunday, October 28, 2007

100 Dollars to Etienne Teo

Etienne Teo is the winner of Review Contest held by makingsalesmakingmoney. They had promptly announced their results when the contest ended.

Now will the winner come here to brag for the $100 they won.

Subscribe to us to keep you updated about the contest results and to see what other people have won. Share your hapiness and gain friends.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Innovate 2007 Games Design Contest

Interested in games ? Winners of the games design contest held in Ukraine are :

  1. First Place: Twinkle Toes Skating (Hanako Games, U.K.)

  2. Second Place: PicnicPolice (Pretty Good Games, USA)

  3. Third Place: Magic Circles (Nikolay Kuzmin, Russia)

Special Nomination Winners

  1. Most Innovative: Dangerous High School Girls (Mousechief, USA)

  2. Most Addictive: Magic Circles (Nikolay Kuzmin, Russia)

  3. Best Character: Halloween Night: Pumpkin Match (EleFun Games, Russia)

  4. Best Story Development: LexVenture (Warptag, Brazil)

  5. Best Production Values: Cradle of Persia (Awem Studio, Belorus)

Subscribe to us to keep you updated with contest results. Ofcouse, winners, come and brag about your win.

Winners at Johnchow

Here is the list of winners at Johnchow in the JohnChow Vs Shoemoney rss readers contest

paul -
Rick -
rschultz -
rsknight -
ryan -
webmaster -

Subscribe to us to keep you updated with contest results.

Shoemoney RSS Contest Winners

Guys and gals, you will be aware of the war between Showmoney and JohnChow on who ends up with more rss readers by the end of this month. The game is hotting up with each throwing gifts to their subscribers.
Here is a list of all the winners from Shoemoney. Remember there is a contest everyday there.
Winners and prizes for 22 Oct 07
  1. Bob Buskirk : $100 - 1 free page on Million Dollar Wiki - From Million Dollar Wiki , $67 - 1 license of Backup Platinum - From SoftLogica
  2. Thomas Buscetta : $100 - Refund on any hotel booked through - From , $79 - 1 copy of the SEO Book - From Aaron Wall
  3. Chris : $650 - 1 full site SEO Analysis, includes: 1000 directory submissions, 4*200 article submissions, 20 one way links and social bookmarking - From
  4. harrison gevirtz : $100 - 1 free page on Million Dollar Wiki - From Million Dollar Wiki
    $100 - 1 free press release and submission consulting - From BlogOnExpo
Winners and prizes for 21 Oct 07
  1. Mark Bosma: $79 - 1 copy of the SEO Book - From Aaron Wall , $50 - Cash prize and a free comprehensive website review by Milov Patel - From Milov Patel Blog
  2. Arun Kumar Maurya: $180 - 2 year subscription to GoStats Pro - From ,
  3. Mark Barbon : $79 - 1 copy of the SEO Book - From Aaron Wall ,$100 - 1 free page on Million Dollar Wiki - From Million Dollar Wiki
  4. Steve Wrzeszczynski : $297 - 1 copy of - From , $100 - 1 free page on Million Dollar Wiki - From Million Dollar Wiki
Winners and Prizes for 20 Oct 07:
  1. Joe Dillon : $297 - 1 copy of - From
  2. lyzazel : $200 - 1 Executive Gift Pack containing: a MP3 Player/Dictionary, Leather executive bag, Leather organizer, Copy of the Business Credit Book and a TGI Friday’s gift card - From
  3. Daniel : $100 - 1 free page on Million Dollar Wiki - From Million Dollar Wiki ,$15 - 2 months free advertising - From
  4. Derek Clarke : $79 - 1 copy of the SEO Book - From Aaron Wall , $25 - 1 free for life 125×125 ad spot on the site - From
Will the winners care to brag about their prize catch here. Subscribe to us to keep you updated with contest results.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Space of Influence have announced their contest winners

The Winners of 2 advertising space at the Space of influence blog contest are

1. Student Blog Project
2. Traffic Generation Experiments

Folks, you are welcome to brag about you win here. Braggin makes you blog healthy and wealthy.

Our Memory Got Boosted For $39

How did we boost our memory. Did we drink those energy drinks? No not at all. We won the highly intelligent people's only contest at thepisstakers and that gives us a $39 memory card with 128MB. It will help us to store more information about our beloved braggers and patrons.
See the pisstakers brag about us.
Link and Earn, braggers supreme, wrote a creative post about the incentive to win this memory card competition ...

And they are very eager to see us brag. Have we ever disappointed anyone. No, and will never. So true to our nature he we go bragging.

Do you know that this contest was not based on luck but based on creativity too ? It is a proof that we we are also creative. Hey, you already know about our creative juices by the theme of this blog.

Talking about thepisstakers, reminds us of one of their post where they tell us that some people are sensitive to use the 'P' word in their name. Folks this site is not those X,A or any letter denoting adult contest site. Don't be offended by the 'piss' in pisstakers. This is a nice place with good humour and satire and we come here often for some fresh air. Thanks Ed for the prize as well as for a good site.

Now that we have additional memory , what is the best way to use it folks. Drop a message. By the way subscribe to us to meet new braggers and keep you updated with contest results.

Update: We have received the memory card intact.We are sure our memory will have a boost. Thanks to Pisstakers who took the trouble to post it to a different corner of the world. Appreciate it folks.

Another 100 Dollars is at stake from BAYB

Folks, BAYB (not BABY did you get that correct) is giving out $100, $50 and $50 for the top 3 people who win their contest. Hey how is it the 2nd and 3rd prize the same ? Ok just forget it . Do you care if you come 2nd or 3rd so long as you pocket $50 ? The 4th and 5th places get a featured review and a featured link.

So what is the deal. Just post about Blog About Your Blog and their sponsor Bidvertiser who is running a promotions where new advertisors can get $20 worth of free. Make sure you link to them , comment on their post or send trackback and wait till 29th Oct.

By the way , do you know that BAYB bragged about us ? Click here to see how BAYB bragged about us and click here to see how we bragged in return. Oh our goodness, we never get tired of it. Hey did you subscribe to our feed.

Bragging keeps your blog healty and wealthy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We won $50 At Contest Beat And Going for $100

Hurray !!! that is $50 cash for offering our valued opinion. Not bad uh?

Contest Beat held their first contest to suggest the best prize that could be given out in blog contest. The prize should be <= $100 and shippable to any place in the world from the place of purchase. Ofcourse we all know nothing beats hard cash, and we told them so but also gave them the suggestion about Amazon gift certificates. Ok, it may not be an out of the the world suggestion , but we were just trying to find a more or less equal alternative to cash.

For the second, random winner of another $50 via paypal or Amazon voucher, I
assigned each entry a number as you can see below and simply visited
to get a winner… and that winner was Link And Earn ...

Just waiting to lay our hands on the raw cash. Thanks Matt. See bragging can earn too.

By the way Contest Beat is organising a contest with $100 prize money. All you have to do is add contest beat to your blogroll and leave a comment in their contest post . You can increase your chance by writing a post and link to them. The closing date is 31 Oct. Hey folks , this is the easiest competion, you don't have to think hard like we did for the previous competition. All the best.

Matt , we pocketed 2 birds in one shot. This is our bragging post as well as our entry to your contest. That is why we are the smart braggers. :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The winner of our Saturday Show - YourWorldGallery

Folks, we are sorry for the delay. Blame it on our broadband connection, no, it is our machine, no,no it is definitely our ASP , ok .. just put the blame on ourselves. We are a couple of days late in declaring our winner for Saturday Show off.

Collin of Yourworldgallery is our winner who really has something to show off about his blog and his service. Collin is an artist and his blog also talks about how to market yourself and make money. You can also see and buy some of his art works in his site.

Congrats Collin . To compensate for our delay , our winner's blogroll link will be here for one and a half week ( ie till 27 Oct 07) instead of 1 week . Over to Collin.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Why Do We Need The Memory Card

Does that question need a million dollar contest , no way , we need a memory card because we have less memory (less brain ? .. that is a different point to argue about).
Ok , we know thepisstakers (ofcourse, they gave us a minireview and told the whole world that we have a clever concept" . In case you don't know them , it is a good chance to get introduced to the guy who mixes humour and satire in good proportion and serves them quite well.
Why are we writing about them when we started the topic about our peanut memory. Oh that is because thepisstakers are holding a contest to give away a $39 memory card to celebrate the 392 rss readers. Contest is fine and more rss number is even better. But we scratch our head and forehead on 392 being a landmark. Doesn't the pisstakers like round numbers like 400 ?
All you have to do is tell them in a post which of his article makes your toes curl. Ok , if it stretches for you. Contest ending on Oct 14.
We liked this post on Air India travle by Ed because
1. When an Indian chef brags about serving hot food, you better don't challenge him. Forget the inedible portion of the story.
2. The time sense of the pilot is extraordinary . Hey we will be confused if you tell us 2 minutes to 2. We understand much better if you said 1:58.
Here is the original post from thepisstakers.
Air India travel funny stories
This is inspired by a transatlantic flight on Air India, JFK to Heathrow. I would like to make it perfectly clear that it was a really smooth flight with impeccable service and very tasty food. And for $276, what more do you want?! But as a pisstaker, I am obliged to find the satirical content in a delightful experience.
Air India episode no. 1
Air stewardess: I am sorry, sir, we only have mutton curry. The self-confessed white Yankee American passenger next to me paled.
He had just ordered the bland chicken and made a point of telling everyone around him that his introduction to real Indian food was not going to take place on an airplane.
Fortunately, air travel broadened this man's mind very rapidly and he dug into a hearty meal and enjoyed it - really. I was going to tell him about the time I challenged a chef at an Indian restaurant. The deal was that he couldn't cook me a meal too hot to eat.
Let's just say, neither of us won, in fact we were both losers, me with my face and ass on fire and him bragging that he had made an inedible meal.
Air India episode no 2
Captain over intercom: The current time, ladies and gentlemen, is 58 minutes after 7. Quite a few passengers were looking around in disbelief at the Calcutta captain's abject attempt at telling the time.
A neighbor added, "For the benefit of those new to clocks, that means it's 2 minutes to 8!" And when the plane landed at 7.68, this passenger was relieved to arrive safe and sound, sane and on the ground in one piece, stomach intact.
Thanks Air India for flying a pisstaker so far for so little with so much food and kindly service. Had any heart-stopping experiences on a plane?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Saturday Show Off At Link And Earn

All right , guys and gals, are you set for this week's saturday show off. Just drop a comment in this post telling the whole world why people should visit your blog/website.

If you offer services, then tell why your service is better than others.

Just 3 points will do. One winner will be randomly selected on sunday , 14 september and they will be placed in our blogroll for 1 week.

Want additional info. Check here.

700 Dollars Worth Prize At Techtreak

Write a review, link to this page and do something extra to walk with one of the following prizes on 28th Nov.

First Place prize
$180 worth one year free Category listing in, $111 usd via paypal , $25 worth of one image adspot with 100×100px

Second-place prize:
$155 worth of Pro Adsense SEO Guide E-book , $50 worth 468×60px image adspot

Third-place prize:
$60 worth of one image adspot with 120×120px for one month , ebook

Fourth-place prizes:
1 year free hosting , $25 worth image adspot of 100×100px
$25 worth of Google Adwords Coupon(for one lucky winner)
$50 worth of Text-Link-Ads for 5 lucky drawn winner(one for each)

That results date is the blogmaster narendra's birthday. But you can't sing 'Happy Birthday' as review folks, the blogmaster wants a real review.

So what is techtreak all about. It is run by a teenager (About section says the admin is 18, but don't know since when :) ) who is interested anything related to technologyand gadgets and as all guys do , try to play with them, know more about it and ofcourse blog about it.
This blog gives reviews and information on a variety of products such as cell phone, software,games, cameras and even have their own wordpress plugins. If you are a tech addict , watch them for more information.

Oh by the way , that extra thing you have to to is to paste a link of the contest sponsors like this Supported By:, Blogging and Money Making Tips,, and Yogtec’s Digital Technology

Chew Our Chicklet

Yes folks, we are moving towards our 25 readers count in feedburner soon. That is our first milestone. Then we will go steadily to 50, 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 and on. Good for a less than one month old baby uh?
This is apart from the steady increase in our daily unique traffic. Wonder if they all started to subscribe, this counter will move even faster.
What does this show , yes people love to brag or like to see people who brag. And everyone has something unique about themselves or their blog don't they. So just open up and tell about yourself.
We will activate our saturday show off tomorrow. Just think about 3 points that highlights (content, quality, layout, etc) your blog which attracts readers or if you are a service provider, why your service is better than anyone else in the market. The winner will have a link in our blogrolls (visible on all pages) for a week.
Back to our topic on subscribers, you are our pillars, we would like to thank each and every one of you personally provided you give us your email id. If you wish to remain anonymous , then accept this as a personal thankyou note.
For the daily readers and visitors, you all make our pages lively with your visit. A loud thank you to you guys and gals (do you hear us). So can also please subscribe to us and make this place even more lively ;) . Chew our chicklet and be happy.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

We Want The Email Id Of Our Readers

Yes, We want your email id. Not to harvest them and spam you with itchy marketing stuff. This request arises out of our genuine interest to contact you.

We are on blogger(that is known), but what we don't know is how to get the email id of our commenters so that we can personally write to thank you for the effort you take to comment and to acknowledge us.

We have enabled blogger's mail comments to us , but that send the mail from the classic Hey why on earth we need that email id. What we are interested is to reach you , our beloved readers and our life line.

Do you know of any plug-in to blogger which can be substituted in place of the standard not so interesting "Comment form" that the blogger provides. We will be interested to know how you all manage this. Please brag about it.

Yentoo Gives $25 Cash For You To Stay Healthy

Yentoo wishes healthy lifestyle for all, that is why their blog is on healthy , happy life. What should you do to have a healthy , happy blog , you should brag and more importantly brag in Link And Earn . Oops, did we start it again,psst couldn't control ourself from bragging.

So, here is their contest to give away $25 to anyone living on earth(sorry folks orbiting in the satellite up there)who writes a review about them.Then link this page and another page . Make a comment or send trackbacks and wait till Nov 1. That is it.

So did we write our review, oh yes, that is our opening statement. Oh,one more thing to add,can the About Page have the meaning of 'Yentoo' please.

500 Dollars From Marketing Pilgrim

We got to be honest. We didn't know about Marketing Pilgrim. It is our our problem. If some people don't know William Wordsworth, does it make him any less popular. He is(was) what he is(was). So is Marketing Pilgrim.

We are always on the lookout for contest results and our favourite braggers and it was through Contest Beat that we chanced on Marketing Pilgrim.

Enought of our open heart honesty policy( you should know we love to brag), now to the $500 stuff. If you tell them why you visit (do you?) them daily in your post , link to them and drop a comment , you stand to win $500. Add to it a link from thier PR7 rated site. Sounds good. Last date is Nov15.

So why will we come back? We can only talkfor the future folks,remember this is our first visit, so we can't say why we keep coming back ;) We will keep coming back because :

1. We wish to learn the ropes of some marketing stuff and you have such a nice content
2. The round up on the industry news is interesting
3. And above all , we wish to know if we won the $500 ;)

Folks they have a lovely e-book , which we started reading(loads of good stuff). Feel free to use it, should we take the liberty to say that ?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10,000 Cash From Best Of The Web

While we are the "Best of the Braggers" , most of you would know about the Best of the Web , one of the oldest internet directory.

It is a place of repute and known for its high quality listing of website and ranks quite high in the quality of its content and authority. You stand to gain good exposure by listing at BOTW.

BOTW is giving a $10,000 cash to the winner who use their service. While you can submit your website/blog for free and wait for them to be listed in their directory, you can also find yourself listed quickly by purchasing their service.

The good news is during Oct-Nov you stand a chance to win 10,000 and also save yourself 15% of charges. The results will be announced on 02 Dec 2007. Enter the promotion code "WIN10K" when prompted.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mini Review Of Us At The Pisstakers

We had a surprise this week. The Pisstakers selected us for a mini review of their mybloglog weekly roundup.

Man , read what they have to say about us "Link and Earn is a clever concept". Ohhhhhhhh. We are in cloud 9. Could someone bring us down before the cloud falls due to our over loaded brain.

The Pisstakers, a nice looking , humour and satire mix blog about tech, news and quirky stories is really a pleasure to read. Good work Ed.

Did we not tell you we brag a lot ? But all that not without a reason.


How do you like the following quote about bragging

It's not bragging if you can back it up. - Muhammad Ali

So if you have something to show off just flash it. Everyone likes to ogle at other people's prizes.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Prizes Galore At Laura Williams

So you won a prize here and a prize there. You are happy. But what will you do if winning prizes is your routine?
You will do what Laura did. Write a monthly post of prizes she won. Is this what is called as hitting the jackpot ? Watch out the list of prizes she won for the month of September. Almost one for each day of the month.
She also won recently a 125 x 125 ad spot at blogaboutyourblog which is not included in this list. Now how do you like that. Want to learn the secret. Say hi to Laura then.

2 USB Monitors Grabbed By

Vincent Sparreboom . Vincent should be one happy person today to win at problogger. Just wonder what he will do with 2 monitors. One of it will be going out in a contest we guess. Can we throw in our hat ?
Congrats Vincent.

Bragging at its heights

We have come across many versions of this joke on the internet.. here is another version :

Bubba was bragging to his boss one day, "You know, I know everyone there is toknow. Just name someone, anyone, and I know them. " Tired of his boasting, his boss called his bluff, “OK, Bubba how about TomCruise? “
“Sure, yes, Tom and I are old friends, and I can prove it. ” So Bubba and hisboss fly out to Hollywood and knock on Tom Cruise’s door, and sure enough, TomCruise, shouts, “Bubba! Great to see you! You and your friend come right in andjoin me for lunch! “
Although impressed, Bubba’s boss is still skeptical. After they leave Cruise’shouse, he tells Bubba that he thinks Bubba’s knowing Cruise was just lucky. “No, no, just name anyone else, ” Bubba says. “President Bush, ” his boss quickly retorts.
“Yep, ” Bubba says, “I know him, let’s fly out to Washington. ” And off they go.At the White House, Bush spots Bubba on the tour and motions him and his bossover, saying, “Bubba, what a surprise, I was just on my way to a meeting, butyou and your friend come on in and let’s have a cup of coffee first and catchup. “
Well, the boss is very shaken by now, but still not totally convinced. After they leave the White House grounds, he expresses his doubts to Bubba, whoagain implores him to name anyone else.
“The Pope, ” his boss replies. “Sure! ” says Bubba. “I’ve known the Pope a longtime. ” So off they fly to Rome.
Bubba and his boss are assembled with the masses in Vatican Square when Bubbasays, “This will never work. I can’t catch the Pope’s eye among all thesepeople. Tell you what, I know all the guards so let me just go upstairs and I’llcome out on the balcony with the Pope. ” And he disappears into the crowd headedtoward St. Peter’s.
Sure enough, half an hour later Bubba emerges with the Pope on the balcony. Butby the time Bubba returns, he finds that his boss has had a heart attack and issurrounded by paramedics.
Working his way to his boss’s side, Bubba asks him,“What happened? “ His boss looks up and says, “I was doing fine until you and the Pope came out onthe balcony and the Japanese tourist next to me asked, “Who’s that on the balcony with Bubba? “

The above text has been taken from a good jokes site. Thanks folks.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Did you get the advertisement spot or mp3 or review ?

The advertisement spot, mp3 and fullsite review contest at blogaboutyour blog winners are :
International Freebies

Congrats, time to show off here. Drop a comment with the link to the post you bragged about your win.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Who won Art/ Books/Photography prizes at problogger

Here are the list of winners. Did you checkout folks ?
If you have bragged about the win in your post why not link here for some fun ?

Friday, October 5, 2007

Winners of Portable Hard Disk

The lucky winners of the portable hard disk at 5minutesformom are :

Glenna Forbes , Jennifer , Steve

Congrats folks, Have you bragged yet? Make sure you link to us for that extra punch.

Free Web Hosting Winner

Do you know who won a year webhosting in the caption contest held by twentysteps, it is Joshua Denney . Hey congrats mate, did you brag about your win ? If you did, why not show off here.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Top Spot Is Waiting For You

Folks , Are you ready for the top spot promo contest is still on . All you need to do is to brag about you and us. Get going. You stand to win a 1 month spot light in your truly blog.

Oct 16 is the last day , so hurry up.

The Morphing Gift Certificate

Contest beat wants us to squeeze our creative juice to come up with the coolest prize for US$100 or less and that can be shipped anywhere from the place of purchase.

We can come up with about 100 items for that $100. Starting with the simplest we would say "just send us the $100 cash. Not a cent more". See, we fit your bill exactly. Cash is king.

But we are not going to say that. We will go for a more interesting deal. Just to give us the pure pleasure of spending other people's money we will go on a virtual shopping trip at Amazon. Dude, you don't have to bother about shipping , it is an e-cert, but if you are interested send us a traditional paper ticket with your personal touch. We will be elated. So our coolest prize is $100 worth Amazon gift certificates.
Read the following carefully.While we get prizes from you we would like you to have the pleasure of receiving something from us as thanksgiving. How ? If you happen to be an amazon associate, we will do our purchases through you and let you earn the commision. So in effect you will spend less than $100 because you will earn back some money. How do you like the deal ?

Send us the gift certs and we will show you what the certs got morphed into.

Contact US Form For Link And Earn

We have implemented a simple contact us form for our blog.

We know it is a pain with that link to our email address which takes you to your default mail utilty everytime you click on it. We don't like it either.

It would be much better if it is possible to do all the writing work here itself rather than leaving us. We know you wouldn't want to be seperated from Link And Earn.

Though the form here(courtesy, webformsdesigner) serves the basic function, we will be happy to implement other good ones too that you have used. Contact us.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Contact Us

Folks, Here is an easy way to contact us. Do drop a message about your latest braggings here. You know we will follow you.

P.S: If you are taken back to our homepage consider your email as sent.

A (Book) Wish Came True

The best way to get a dream item is to enter a contest. That is how Derek got his favourite "Aaron Wall's SEO Book" at Problogger's birthday bash.

We understand he is going to be a busy person for a lot more days trying to digest in pieces and implement the suggestion from that wonderful book.So watch out for some great stuff from Derek.

To make your wishes real just leave a comment here . We will follow you and may be take you one step near to your dreams. Every step counts.

First Task To Do When You Win A Podcasting Kit

If someone wins a podcasting kit in a blog contest what will he/she do? If your answer is "They will start to podcast or give it away in their own blog contest" you are only partially correct.
Then what is the fully correct reply? The first point should have been "They will brag about it in their blog" and obviously that is the fundamental thing to do. That is what tatraplan did when he won in David Airey's contest. We consider him to be smart because he linked his bragging post to us.

Here is a some additional information. Looks like our winner is an avid F1 fan and so there is a contest to identify the name of the person in the burning car picture. When it comes to F1 we are a 'F' too ('F'ail grade). So if you whisper the name of the contestant then we can leave a comment in your post for our bid. Our eyes are on the $100 prize money:). If you are interested in either $100 or F1 then head down to F1wolf.
Link And Earn is the place where smart people gather to show off their success and curious onlookers get to know about them. Collectively we make your blog healthy and wealthy.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How will you feel when you win a prize ?

See how pearl feels after a win at the David Airey contest ? Yeah, winning is fun pearl , and it does gives fresh perspectives because we are refreshed.

Folks, remember , bragging is not only but but also makes your blog healthy and wealthy.

Subscribe to us to keep you updated on the contest results announcement and more importantly to learn how good other braggers are. If you are ready for celebrity status just leave a comment here and we will surely follow you.

Winners of Contest 1

The prizes have started pouring in . The winners of the first constest @ problogger are the following . Congrats folks ? It is a fantastic gift isn't and you are the chosen ones from among 764 entries. Darn lucky.
Have you bragged about your success. Then why don't you drop a note here. We are here to cheer you some more.
Congrats !! And subscribe to us to keep you updated. You can't afford to miss out anything.

Most Expensive Birthday Bash At Problogger

Our hearts are thumping hard. Do you hear it? When you read this you can hear yours. Yes , Problogger is giving out close to $60,000 (yes , that is right) worth of prizes in the birthday bash.

The list of sponsors are huge. A variety of contest will be held over a week and multiple winners will be selected. The first contest has already started. It is a simple one that is to leave a comment in his post.

We are rushing there. Will come back with some update later. Are you joining us ? Subscribe to our feed to keep you updated.

Remember to brag in Link And Earn if you win something. All the best.

Are You Ready For The Top Spot ?

Folks, Our top right hand 'Spot Light' corner will be free from 18th Oct. We should find the next person to focus the lights on.

What better way than to brag in this official braggers site. Ok , the rules are simple as usual (did we ever have a contest with rules in the first place?)

Just write a short note about Link And Earn (say 75 words, anything above that is your wish our bliss). You could say something like:

" Link and Earn gives a great exposure to people who brag. It is the place to be in if you like to attract more crowd to your blog or website. No other mortal have come up with such a fantastic use for bragging. Link And Earn helps you to earn visitors, friends and money if you show off your prizes or boast about your blog. "

Optionally you can brag about your own blog in that post and say something like "Just like Link And Earn, we also help you to earn ....". Mind you ,this is purely optional, but you can use it to remind your visitors how they will benefit by sticking to your site.

We will pick up a random winner on 16th october. The winner will occupy the place for 1 month starting 18th Oct 2007. Here is the checklist:

  1. Write a post about Link And Earn with a link to this contest
  2. Leave a comment in this post about your entry.
  3. Wait for the results to be announced on 16th October 2007.
  4. While waiting groom yourself to be in the spotlight.
We should choose a nice name for the 'Top Spot' . Why not you suggest one. You may be the winner to occupy it too. Get set , Go .....

Monday, October 1, 2007

How To Dance After A Great Blog Contest Win

If you won a contest , you should know how to celebrate it. See how our Mariam from dances after she won a prize in David Airey's contest.

After a good dance , you should brag about your success. Remember bragging is good for your blog and it makes you healthy and wealthy.

Did you subscribe to our feeds to keep you updated? Remember to leave a comment at Link And Earn to earn a permalink and great exposure.

It is raining Nintendo Wii, $500 Cash and $50 game Voucher

The cows have finally announced their winners for $500 cash, a Nintendo Wii with a $50 game voucher and one of the goodies from Seth Godin, Aaron Wall or Yaro Starak or even a new 16GB iPod touch from Million Euro Wiki .

Here is the list of winners

  1. Joyce Babu : $500 cash prize
  2. AdsenseTracker : Nintendo Wii and game voucher
  3. Angel and Chris Jacobson : Hard cover copies of Seth Godin’s Purple Cow and The Big Moo
  4. CristianR and Terry Didcott : Aaron Wall’s SEOBook
  5. Dana : 3 months free membership with BlogMastermind dot Com
  6. Investing : Winner of the 16GB iPod Touch

Folks, you may visit the cows announcement post here . But before that subscribe to Link And Earn. Your best place to brag about your success and your blog and to keep track of hot contest results.

Congrats all !!! Remember to link your prize show off post here. Bragging is good for your blog's health.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Who won $4000 Worth Prize

The Really BIG Contest Results are out.Yes, David Airey's one year blog anniversary, a big ticket contest gave out $4000 worth of prizes just now. Here are the super lucky top 3 winners
Drew Bennett - Gold
Simone Brunozzi - Silver
Ad Tracker - Bronze

And bonus prizes to 25 happy folks . Check the cloud below to see if your name is here:

Milos ,Dylan Tovey ,Isaak Kwok ,Stefan P. ,Charles Lau ,Lisa Gates, DayJobNuker ,Brad , CashQuests ,Mariam ,Simon ,Steve ,Lincoln , Blain Reinkensmeyer ,Benjamin Barby ,Alisha ,Ash , Melissa ,Ron ,Guy Fulke ,Jon ,Patricia Kennelly ,Pearl ,Daniel Sitter ,Marko Novak

Well, we miss our name being there. ummmmm. That is alright, we are happy to share your happiness. Now it is time for celebration. Start bragging about your sweet success and drop a comment here.

We love to see you show off your prize and remember, bragging is good for your blog's health.

So before you head down to David Airey's site to see what you have won take a minute to subscribe to Link And Earn to keep you updated.

Congrats !!! Make Merry.

Saturday ShowOff Winner is Joe Bartolotta

Our very first 'Saturday Show Off' Contest is over. We just wanted people to drop a comment with 3 key points about your blog/website that warrants a visit by people.

The one and only person who thinks he has a great site and a good service to offer is Joe Bartolotta - The upfront mortgage broker . Click here to see why you should pay a visit to him.

His site will be featured in our blogroll for a week. Congrats Joe !!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Are You One Among The 100 ?

Do you want to start a blog from stratch and start earning with it. Then answer these questions first:

  1. Do you know Garry Conn?
  2. You like his work ?
  3. How much he earns through his blogs ?
  4. Do you know how many other blogs he authors ?

You may not know the answer to questions 2-4 if number 1 itself is a bouncer. But don't bother , now that you have heard his name, you are a winner too.What you should now know about is the wonderful contest he holds at How do I make money online Blog.

Garry Conn run blogs and earn a cool amount through the internet.We know that the $$$ , money , earn will ring a bell. So that made you interested ? Read on. Anyone who writes a review and links to his cool looking orange, green and blue blog which helps to make money stands a chance to win a hand held walkthrough to start a blog with all the bells and whistles worth $2000. That is a domain , wordpres design , hosting and his personal guidance.

Checkout the conditions and get the ball rolling. Winner is chosen from among the first 100 reviews. Are you one among the 100 ?

Don't forget to brag about your win at Link And Earn. Bragging is good for your blog's health.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Did You Say You Dont Want $4000 Worth Contest Prize ?

Will anyone say they don't want $4000 worth prize money ? Atleast we will not. If you belong to the same category then you should be participating in the contest by David Airey.
It is coming to an end soon, that is 26th Sep. As usual , you just have to link to his post. If you link to all this sponsors you get additional tickets for the draw. Look at all the incredible prizes lined up.
This is the sponsor cloud is huge
We told you it was BIGGGGG.

Our (Dis)Claimer

Did you notice the 'Claimer' section at the footer ? What do you say ?

Do you think we are the official first braggers ? Would love to hear from you all.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jodi brags about the LCD 19 inch Monitor she won

Folks, Earlier we posted about the contest results of Charlotte Web Design .

The winner of the contest is Jodi and read how excited she is showing off the monitor she won as her prize.

Do you wish to keep yourself updated about the contest results ?Click here to keep you informed about contests .

Drop a comment here and create a buzz by talking about why your blog is the place to be in .

Monday, September 24, 2007

Who tracks the contest results?

Contests here , contests there and everywhere. There are many blogs just dedicated to report on the new contest. But who is tracking the contest results ?
How many times have you written a post for the contest and forgot about the results until you receive an email or a trackback. It is then you say "Oh I forgot about it completely". Either you are too occupied or the result announcement is one month later and our pigeon hole sized brain has other important things to store that it pushes out the contest entry or simply as in our case we just forget.
Most of the bloggers are professional enough to request you to take your prize but some of them can just wait for you to appear in the scene to claim your prize. Wouldn't you want to go back to their site everyday to check if the results are out or do you want to avoid running around and be informed only when the results come out ?
What do you think if we start tracking the contest results so that you save time to look out for the next topic to post in your blog. Which contest do you need us to track and inform you as when the results are out?
Why not drop a note.
P.S : Contest hosts, We know you spend money in holding contest to bring crowd and this offer is not to turn away the crowd , but make their visit more meaningful.

Be seen in a $600 ad spot for 3 months

This a really crisp and simple competition from The winners walk away rather show themself in a 125 * 125 premium ad spot on their website. They claim it is worth $600pm and it is yours for 3 months so that makes it to $1800 worth of free advertising.

The requirement is simple. Write a post , link it to their competion page and leave a comment.

These folks post interesting information on latest gadgets and technologies. The presentation is clean and made interesting with good pictures and videos. A website worth keeping track if you are addicted to seeing new products.

Competion end on 31 Oct 07. But you need not wait that long. Shoot your arrow rightaway.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Who won the ipod, xbox , monitor

Guys and Girls, The results of the contest from has finally arrived. And the proud winner is jodi of . Congrats !!!

That is awesome considering you have choice to pick your prize. ummm . Jodi you are all welcome to brag to your hearts content here. See how you multiply your joy and get some good explosure.


Even though we have talked loud about us , this post is for the benefit of our new readers wondering what on earth 'Link And Earn' is all about.
The blogoshpere and the internet is full of freebies and contests. We are extremely happy even if we receive a packet of free peanuts ( Ok, we hear you say that only monkeys dance for peanuts. So long as we are smart monkeys it is fine).

But tell me, won't you be happy to show off your award and cast a million dollar smile. If you have a blog/website where you brag about your prize catch then why not re-post it here and pull the people to your website?

What do you gain ?
  1. Lot of visitors who come to your website to ogle at your prize, your luck/brain and also your site.
  2. More people = More Advertisement
  3. More advertisement = More Money
  4. More Money = A more happy you :)
  5. Get a lot of exposure and links, Ready for it.

What do you lose ?
  1. Not a cent.
  2. You don't even waste time to write an article.

Just give an attractive title and make your content point to your post. If you wish you can additionally write a few words to make people interested.

Link and Earn is all about linking to your blog(s) where you brag about all the good and not so good things you have won in contest (of any kind), blogs or any lottery.If you don't like the word 'brag' then read it as 'share your happiness' ;)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bragging Is An Art- If You Know To Perform It Well

Who are good 'braggers' ?
We came across today and thought , wow man, here is someone helping people in the "art of bragging with style and grace".
Did you notice the word 'art'. That is the key. Here we have come across someone who like us perceives bragging as an art as opposed to what the normal mortals think. And doing anything with style and grace is definitely a beautiful art. Peggy Klaus is a communication and leadership coach who teaches the young and not so young this art of bragging.
That made us nostalgic. Shouldn't a 1 week young blog have nostalgia ?
When Was 'Link And Earn' born ?
One fine day in September 2007 (14th to be exact) when we had no better work to do , we gave a deep thought on how people have spoilt the fun of bragging by overusing it for things that are absolutely crap such as "How soon they can put people to sleep with their speech", "How often they fooled the traffic police", "How long they can sit in front of the idiot box", "how many times they have seen the butt of the Hollywood Celebrity". It was this day that Link And Earn was born.
Why was it born?
It was born to make people brag to attract people rather than to scare them away.
What is our mission?
Our missions is to use bragging as a tool to raise the people to a greater height of confidence and inner strength and at the same time earn with it. By earning we mean earning visitors, earning popularity , earning money , earning fame. It depends on what each one is looking for. But the underlying point is it gives everyone a chance to earn.
How about our vision ?
Well it is clearly 20/20 , absolutely no specs, contact lenses or lasik. It is obviously well focussed on you our readers.
Some More Bragging
When we came up with the concept for this blog we never hunted for any resources. It just originated from our high grey matter filled brain and we went to start Link And Earn the very instant. Thanks to folks who host this blog and our dear computer.
Our next hunt was for the topic people can boast instantly. Ofcourse the buzz of today's blogoshpere is the blog contest and where while many people drool over the prizes the winners go around with a million dollar pride for a $10 prize. So the blog contest and any online contest winners became our first target braggers
This (net)ground-breaking concept of ours has given raise to a blog which is purely for the people who wants to read morale boosting stories of people who blow their own horn.
We welcome all braggers, brag wannabes and the silent spectators to the world of Link And Earn.
Back to our starting question . "Who are good braggers ?" One answer is , "They are artists who can communicate in a way that makes you believe that their organization made billions of profit because of them while in reality they only typed the Profit Report." Hey the above statement is purely our creative juice in action. (Another boating !)
If you have any other answers do drop a comment here. We are very eager to hear from you.
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