Sunday, September 30, 2007

Who won $4000 Worth Prize

The Really BIG Contest Results are out.Yes, David Airey's one year blog anniversary, a big ticket contest gave out $4000 worth of prizes just now. Here are the super lucky top 3 winners
Drew Bennett - Gold
Simone Brunozzi - Silver
Ad Tracker - Bronze

And bonus prizes to 25 happy folks . Check the cloud below to see if your name is here:

Milos ,Dylan Tovey ,Isaak Kwok ,Stefan P. ,Charles Lau ,Lisa Gates, DayJobNuker ,Brad , CashQuests ,Mariam ,Simon ,Steve ,Lincoln , Blain Reinkensmeyer ,Benjamin Barby ,Alisha ,Ash , Melissa ,Ron ,Guy Fulke ,Jon ,Patricia Kennelly ,Pearl ,Daniel Sitter ,Marko Novak

Well, we miss our name being there. ummmmm. That is alright, we are happy to share your happiness. Now it is time for celebration. Start bragging about your sweet success and drop a comment here.

We love to see you show off your prize and remember, bragging is good for your blog's health.

So before you head down to David Airey's site to see what you have won take a minute to subscribe to Link And Earn to keep you updated.

Congrats !!! Make Merry.

Saturday ShowOff Winner is Joe Bartolotta

Our very first 'Saturday Show Off' Contest is over. We just wanted people to drop a comment with 3 key points about your blog/website that warrants a visit by people.

The one and only person who thinks he has a great site and a good service to offer is Joe Bartolotta - The upfront mortgage broker . Click here to see why you should pay a visit to him.

His site will be featured in our blogroll for a week. Congrats Joe !!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Are You One Among The 100 ?

Do you want to start a blog from stratch and start earning with it. Then answer these questions first:

  1. Do you know Garry Conn?
  2. You like his work ?
  3. How much he earns through his blogs ?
  4. Do you know how many other blogs he authors ?

You may not know the answer to questions 2-4 if number 1 itself is a bouncer. But don't bother , now that you have heard his name, you are a winner too.What you should now know about is the wonderful contest he holds at How do I make money online Blog.

Garry Conn run blogs and earn a cool amount through the internet.We know that the $$$ , money , earn will ring a bell. So that made you interested ? Read on. Anyone who writes a review and links to his cool looking orange, green and blue blog which helps to make money stands a chance to win a hand held walkthrough to start a blog with all the bells and whistles worth $2000. That is a domain , wordpres design , hosting and his personal guidance.

Checkout the conditions and get the ball rolling. Winner is chosen from among the first 100 reviews. Are you one among the 100 ?

Don't forget to brag about your win at Link And Earn. Bragging is good for your blog's health.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Did You Say You Dont Want $4000 Worth Contest Prize ?

Will anyone say they don't want $4000 worth prize money ? Atleast we will not. If you belong to the same category then you should be participating in the contest by David Airey.
It is coming to an end soon, that is 26th Sep. As usual , you just have to link to his post. If you link to all this sponsors you get additional tickets for the draw. Look at all the incredible prizes lined up.
This is the sponsor cloud is huge
We told you it was BIGGGGG.

Our (Dis)Claimer

Did you notice the 'Claimer' section at the footer ? What do you say ?

Do you think we are the official first braggers ? Would love to hear from you all.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jodi brags about the LCD 19 inch Monitor she won

Folks, Earlier we posted about the contest results of Charlotte Web Design .

The winner of the contest is Jodi and read how excited she is showing off the monitor she won as her prize.

Do you wish to keep yourself updated about the contest results ?Click here to keep you informed about contests .

Drop a comment here and create a buzz by talking about why your blog is the place to be in .

Monday, September 24, 2007

Who tracks the contest results?

Contests here , contests there and everywhere. There are many blogs just dedicated to report on the new contest. But who is tracking the contest results ?
How many times have you written a post for the contest and forgot about the results until you receive an email or a trackback. It is then you say "Oh I forgot about it completely". Either you are too occupied or the result announcement is one month later and our pigeon hole sized brain has other important things to store that it pushes out the contest entry or simply as in our case we just forget.
Most of the bloggers are professional enough to request you to take your prize but some of them can just wait for you to appear in the scene to claim your prize. Wouldn't you want to go back to their site everyday to check if the results are out or do you want to avoid running around and be informed only when the results come out ?
What do you think if we start tracking the contest results so that you save time to look out for the next topic to post in your blog. Which contest do you need us to track and inform you as when the results are out?
Why not drop a note.
P.S : Contest hosts, We know you spend money in holding contest to bring crowd and this offer is not to turn away the crowd , but make their visit more meaningful.

Be seen in a $600 ad spot for 3 months

This a really crisp and simple competition from The winners walk away rather show themself in a 125 * 125 premium ad spot on their website. They claim it is worth $600pm and it is yours for 3 months so that makes it to $1800 worth of free advertising.

The requirement is simple. Write a post , link it to their competion page and leave a comment.

These folks post interesting information on latest gadgets and technologies. The presentation is clean and made interesting with good pictures and videos. A website worth keeping track if you are addicted to seeing new products.

Competion end on 31 Oct 07. But you need not wait that long. Shoot your arrow rightaway.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Who won the ipod, xbox , monitor

Guys and Girls, The results of the contest from has finally arrived. And the proud winner is jodi of . Congrats !!!

That is awesome considering you have choice to pick your prize. ummm . Jodi you are all welcome to brag to your hearts content here. See how you multiply your joy and get some good explosure.


Even though we have talked loud about us , this post is for the benefit of our new readers wondering what on earth 'Link And Earn' is all about.
The blogoshpere and the internet is full of freebies and contests. We are extremely happy even if we receive a packet of free peanuts ( Ok, we hear you say that only monkeys dance for peanuts. So long as we are smart monkeys it is fine).

But tell me, won't you be happy to show off your award and cast a million dollar smile. If you have a blog/website where you brag about your prize catch then why not re-post it here and pull the people to your website?

What do you gain ?
  1. Lot of visitors who come to your website to ogle at your prize, your luck/brain and also your site.
  2. More people = More Advertisement
  3. More advertisement = More Money
  4. More Money = A more happy you :)
  5. Get a lot of exposure and links, Ready for it.

What do you lose ?
  1. Not a cent.
  2. You don't even waste time to write an article.

Just give an attractive title and make your content point to your post. If you wish you can additionally write a few words to make people interested.

Link and Earn is all about linking to your blog(s) where you brag about all the good and not so good things you have won in contest (of any kind), blogs or any lottery.If you don't like the word 'brag' then read it as 'share your happiness' ;)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bragging Is An Art- If You Know To Perform It Well

Who are good 'braggers' ?
We came across today and thought , wow man, here is someone helping people in the "art of bragging with style and grace".
Did you notice the word 'art'. That is the key. Here we have come across someone who like us perceives bragging as an art as opposed to what the normal mortals think. And doing anything with style and grace is definitely a beautiful art. Peggy Klaus is a communication and leadership coach who teaches the young and not so young this art of bragging.
That made us nostalgic. Shouldn't a 1 week young blog have nostalgia ?
When Was 'Link And Earn' born ?
One fine day in September 2007 (14th to be exact) when we had no better work to do , we gave a deep thought on how people have spoilt the fun of bragging by overusing it for things that are absolutely crap such as "How soon they can put people to sleep with their speech", "How often they fooled the traffic police", "How long they can sit in front of the idiot box", "how many times they have seen the butt of the Hollywood Celebrity". It was this day that Link And Earn was born.
Why was it born?
It was born to make people brag to attract people rather than to scare them away.
What is our mission?
Our missions is to use bragging as a tool to raise the people to a greater height of confidence and inner strength and at the same time earn with it. By earning we mean earning visitors, earning popularity , earning money , earning fame. It depends on what each one is looking for. But the underlying point is it gives everyone a chance to earn.
How about our vision ?
Well it is clearly 20/20 , absolutely no specs, contact lenses or lasik. It is obviously well focussed on you our readers.
Some More Bragging
When we came up with the concept for this blog we never hunted for any resources. It just originated from our high grey matter filled brain and we went to start Link And Earn the very instant. Thanks to folks who host this blog and our dear computer.
Our next hunt was for the topic people can boast instantly. Ofcourse the buzz of today's blogoshpere is the blog contest and where while many people drool over the prizes the winners go around with a million dollar pride for a $10 prize. So the blog contest and any online contest winners became our first target braggers
This (net)ground-breaking concept of ours has given raise to a blog which is purely for the people who wants to read morale boosting stories of people who blow their own horn.
We welcome all braggers, brag wannabes and the silent spectators to the world of Link And Earn.
Back to our starting question . "Who are good braggers ?" One answer is , "They are artists who can communicate in a way that makes you believe that their organization made billions of profit because of them while in reality they only typed the Profit Report." Hey the above statement is purely our creative juice in action. (Another boating !)
If you have any other answers do drop a comment here. We are very eager to hear from you.
Click here to subscribe to Link And Earn and read all the great stories which will help you to live a better life.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Saturday Show Off At Link And Earn

To celebrate our successful completion of 1 week , we are opening a 'Saturday Show Off ' contest. Between 22-29 Sep all you have to do is drop a comment here listing 3 key points on why people should visit your site/ blog. We will pick a winner on Saturday, 30 Sep 07.

What is the Prize ?

Folks, we are new born , so if you are looking for cash , you have to wait for some more time.But links and exposure is equally good too. Hence we are generous in giving links from our blog. The winner will occupy an honourable seat in our blogroll for a week.
We like to see a smile in everyones face. Have you noticed kids parties where children who did not win the games are given sweets while the winner goes with prize + sweets.Likewise we will have one post with links to the blog/site of all the cool heads who dropped a comment but didn't end up as the winner. Hey , Everybody is a winner !!!

Standup and Show off. If you don't brag about your blog who will ?

See , We don't even ask you to link back to our site. But highly appreciate if you show your love to us with a post about us.

Note: Adult sites , link directories and spam sites kindly excuse yourself.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

We Are 1 Week Young

Exatly 1 week ago this day we opened our blog to give our users the pleasure of boasting about the online/blog contest they won.

And on the same day we won the friday comment contet by 'Blog About Your Blog'. We have had a wonderful beginning. The number of subscribers are increasing day by day.

What we are looking around now is for posts that we can link to bloggers who have written about their victory. Get is flowing folks. Link And Earn is all ears :)

Remember , Bragging is good for you and your blog's health.

I want 50 Singapore Dollars

Here is another contest, this time from Singapore. Jerry Khoo is trying to create a buzz to his new blog with a S$ 50 link bait. That roughly translates to just over US$30. Anything free is good enough. We are shameless, and proudly admit it.

What should we do ? The universal blog requirement. Write an article liking to his blog Jerry Khoo with one of the anchor text he requires.

Well there is one more task he need you to do if you win. Write a 'I won ...' post and drop a note so that people know that someone did genuinely win the prize. Fair enough. Contest is open till Sep 28 and results on 1st oct.

Hey , while you drop a note about you winning the prize to Jerry , remember to inform us too. We will link to your blog at no charge. We don't even ask for a love link. But would gladly accept if you wish to give one.

Remember, this blog is all about boasting your victory. Bragging is good for the health of you and your blog. :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We Changed to 3 column layout ourselves

Is this something to brag about ? Not for the tech gurus who play with templates and css even when sleeping. But people like us who stay a mile away when coming to webpage design, xml and all these wierd codewords it is a lot to cheer about.

So you ask "Blogger gives free templates to choose from why don't you pick one from there" ?

Yes they give but the current available ones are all 2 columns. So we used our peanut sized brain to tweak one of the default template and added another column.

Why all this fuss ? We want to add more widgets and with just one sidebar it is very difficult. The side bar is growing too long. We were concerned that you may lose out on all the interesting stuff we put there.

Do you like this change. Why not drop a note ?

If you are on blogger and wish to do something similar, why not contact us ? We will be glad to share with you whatever our little brain learnt.

Free Advertising Space Is All Yours

We should make a mention about the blog contest by 'Make Money Online' which offers one of the most generous prizes, just like us :) . There are times when we should not look at the cash value of the prize, but at the thought of giving.
The whole requirement is to write 20 words about the site and link with the text make money online. You may win a 125*125 advertisement spot on the blog for 2 months or a mention in their 'Blog of Note'.
But what we like the most is their offer to digg, stumble and technorati favourite for all participants along with a mention in one of their post.
The contest closes on 30 September. Just before you rush with those 20 words in mind, do remember to subscribe to us to make it easy for you to come back here and brag about your prize. Hey you know that we don't ask you for any return favour for showing off here.
Bragging is good for the health of your blog.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cows not only give milk but also

Do you know the story of the cow that instead of delivering milk , milked 3 wonderful prizes from the big guys in the blog market Seth Godin, Aaron Wall and Yaro Starak. So what does the cow do with them. Obviously give it out , since the cow can't read and attend classes :)
So why don't you visit the Johncow and grab the prizes? For the non winners, the self proclaimed rambling moghul is giving out his free make money online book. Hey wait, if it is already a free ebook how can it be called a prize ? Do they think that we are like the dumb cow ?
But the other 3 prizes are worthy than the low fat milk the cow gives. Check it out.
Hey remember to show off your prize here when you win. We don't ask you any linkbacks. We are simply happy when you are happy. Best wishes.

Good And Best News

We have given an open call to people to brag here. And the best part is you don't have to write a new post. Just point me to the place in your blog where you have mentioned about your victory.

Though the number of readers to this blog and the rss subscription has increased , we don't have anyone show off their prize yet.

Is it because you are

  1. modest
  2. shy
  3. extremely busy counting the money you made
  4. damn lazy to make a comment here liking to your blog
  5. got the prize after knocking out the guy hosting it
  6. have no clue where to make a comment / send a mail to here

Atleast I have an answer for the point no 6. You can make a comment here or reach me here.

The good news is we don't ask you for a backlink nor any favours.The best news is you are exposed exposed to a larger audience at no cost.

Now what are your waiting for ?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Link And Earn is the winner in Blog About Your Blog

Link And Earn is very thrilled. Know why ? Because this infant :) won the Blog About Your Blog 's Comment Friday. We all know about Blogaboutyourblog don't we ? They are a bunch of cool folks sweating out together with a group blog.
What makes our win dramatic is that we posted the comment on the very day (Friday, Sep 14 2007) this blog was born. It caught the attention of the folks at Blogaboutyourblog and they were kind enough to select us as the winners.
This blog is all about showing off , how can we not boast of our prize ? Here is the announcement at Blog About Your Blog Comment Friday Winner "Link And Earn"
Wohoooo !!! Focus your cameras guys. We are ready for the photo shoot :)

Myblogcontest dot com is the winner of the reserved spot

I had opened this blog for people to brag , boast, share about the contest/competitions they won on other blogs/website. The first postie is the lucky winner of the featured place on the right side bar for a month.

Don't strain your brain to guess who is the luckiest. Just look at who bragged first. If you can't bend down to see that, here is the result: Drum Roll Please ..........

Oh man, not only did they win from the moghul but also from the newborn (that refers to this blog. Do you realise that we are just 3 days old !!!) This is a double victory for them.

Congrats to Myblogcontest. Enjoy your high spot on top of this blog for a month. Your profile will be posted as soon as you tell me what to put there.

Dear all, note that everyone posting here is a winner too. Every post you send announcing what you won will be listed here along with links to you blog/site.

Start bragging and spread the word around :)

My Blog Contest dot Com Won John Chow's Blog Contest

Here is our first bragger Myblogcontest boasting about the prize won from the dot com moghul's blog.

Read what MyBlogContest dot com won in John Chows blog contest. is the place which updates you about the contest held by various bloggers. It is an index of competitions , so keep track of it.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Boast To Get Top Spot

Do you like the feel of fresh dollar notes straight out of the mint, how about wearing a new dress , does moving into a brand new house makes you exited, may be a new car can get your adrenaline charging.

Yes everyone likes fresh things and hence this contest is from the "Fresh from oven" blog.

What Are We trying to do?

We are opening this blog for people to post about the prizes they won. But the actual purpose behind is to pull more crowd to your blog/website by embedding links to reach you.

How is this possible ? you ask. Humans are creatures of curiosity and they always want to know what others have got. When you win something , the most you write is in your blog and ofcourse there is a mention in the blog who gave the prize. There is a limit to the number of people reading it.

But here is a chance to gather moss and bring more people from various blogs. If you won a prize from post an entry here. People from who came to this place may find and follow you. Your posts with your links will remain here permanently.

What Should You Do ?

Let go off your inhibitions and announce to the whole world that you have won. Small or big, good or so-so looking, tangible or not, if you win something for the effort you have taken , just go around telling the crowd you have got it.

On the other hand if someone disappointed you , you can tell about that too. Here is a sample of what you can write

I've won an iphone

I can't believe it myself , I woke up today to see the mail from where I won a iphone for the link bait content I entered in August .

My blog/website "Handphones Central" is about trading used handphones where I give a lot of tips on how to sell used handphone for a profit Etc , Etc

That is to give you an idea. If you don't want to write few lines, just enter the url to your website/ blog post where you wrote about the prize.

Note: The first postie will have their website/blog listed on the right hand side bar for a month. See "Reserved for the first postie" on the right bar.

Hey , There is absolutely no catch. Just make sure what you write is not a full page advertisement. Don't give me a chance to edit your content while we have the right to. The best part of this contest is , it is NEVER ending. But rush to have the first post for some great exposure !!!

Interested ? Drop a message here or mail me and we'll follow.