Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ask and you shall be given the prize

Hey folks ,We won a full conference ticket from bloggers school to BlogWorld expo to be held in LasVegas on between 8-9 Nov 07.

If you are passionate about blogging or if you have just started to think about blogs, whatever the case may be , you will not be disappointed at blogworld expo.

Unfortunately we can't make it to the event. But if any of you are interested drop a comment here. We will pick up a random person and pass the tickets to you. Hey only the ticket to expo is the prize not airfare to Las Vegas or any other wonderful thing which you plan to do there :)

Take a peek at the key speakers here.

Please note: We are almost close to the dates, so if you think you can really make it then please particiapte because you may not get enough time to shout in your blog and pass it to others. Let this benefit someone atleast.

Bloggers school has told us that we can pass on the tickets. We will try and secure it for you. If for some reason they are unable to pass the ticket to us , please don't kick us.

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