Monday, November 12, 2007

Those baby thingies

We are not babies, but we are constantly buying baby products because we know a lot of people having babies.

It is always a nice experience to go shopping for baby products. Everything is lovely. When Great Green Baby is holding a thanksgiving contest to give out baby clothing on a weekly basis, why not throw in our bid and at the same time give a shout out for the benefit of others.

How To Enter : You can enter through many ways.
Leave a comment or
Sign up for the newsletter or
Link to their blog and drop an email to them.

Prizes : Diaper bags, milk bottles, bibs, booties.... those are our needs. It is a onesie for this week.

End Date : Every week end we guess. Since this is the first contest we will track when is the results announced.

PS: The link to the contact form via the 'email me' gave a 404 error. Did it work for any of you ?

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