Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Want to grab 4000 dollar worth prizes?

With the holiday season fast approaching, who wouldn't want to grab as much freebies and goodies as possible. Especially when the host crucial web is in holiday mood , we will share their happiness by winning a prize. uh? when we win , who is happy , we are the host ;)
Prize(s) :
What you should do : You can do any or all of the following. Write a post(1 point), link to sponsor (1 point) ,subscribe to rss (1 point), signup for a year/month (30/10 points) hosting with them, signup for affliliate program. With each you gain more tickets for the contest.
End Date : 05 Dec 07
Results on : 10 Dec 07
6 lucky people will celebrate this christmas with something extra. So hurry up. Spread the holiday mood.

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