Sunday, November 18, 2007

Check If You Can Get Rich On-line

Do you want to check if you can get rich online. Can we predict that. Not until we know what your goals and the efforts you are putting in are.

But Can't Get Rich already knows the answer. Read their blog name again. Cmon folks, don't be demotivated. Just prove them wrong with a post about their contest for a cool $100 apple store gift cert. A win means you are $100 richer than what you are now.

What to do : Write a post about and link to the contest page and homepage. These guys are a curious lot. They also want to know what you will purchase with the cert. We intend to top it up for a purchase of a ipod classic. How cool is that ? Check out all other rules too.

Prize : $100 gift cert from apple store

End Date : 01 Dec 07

Results Date : 02 Dec 07


Can't Get Rich said...

Entry confirmed. Good luck!

Link And Earn said...

Thanks. We love not only to brag but also a lot of cash. Best wishes to your contest