Friday, September 14, 2007

Boast To Get Top Spot

Do you like the feel of fresh dollar notes straight out of the mint, how about wearing a new dress , does moving into a brand new house makes you exited, may be a new car can get your adrenaline charging.

Yes everyone likes fresh things and hence this contest is from the "Fresh from oven" blog.

What Are We trying to do?

We are opening this blog for people to post about the prizes they won. But the actual purpose behind is to pull more crowd to your blog/website by embedding links to reach you.

How is this possible ? you ask. Humans are creatures of curiosity and they always want to know what others have got. When you win something , the most you write is in your blog and ofcourse there is a mention in the blog who gave the prize. There is a limit to the number of people reading it.

But here is a chance to gather moss and bring more people from various blogs. If you won a prize from post an entry here. People from who came to this place may find and follow you. Your posts with your links will remain here permanently.

What Should You Do ?

Let go off your inhibitions and announce to the whole world that you have won. Small or big, good or so-so looking, tangible or not, if you win something for the effort you have taken , just go around telling the crowd you have got it.

On the other hand if someone disappointed you , you can tell about that too. Here is a sample of what you can write

I've won an iphone

I can't believe it myself , I woke up today to see the mail from where I won a iphone for the link bait content I entered in August .

My blog/website "Handphones Central" is about trading used handphones where I give a lot of tips on how to sell used handphone for a profit Etc , Etc

That is to give you an idea. If you don't want to write few lines, just enter the url to your website/ blog post where you wrote about the prize.

Note: The first postie will have their website/blog listed on the right hand side bar for a month. See "Reserved for the first postie" on the right bar.

Hey , There is absolutely no catch. Just make sure what you write is not a full page advertisement. Don't give me a chance to edit your content while we have the right to. The best part of this contest is , it is NEVER ending. But rush to have the first post for some great exposure !!!

Interested ? Drop a message here or mail me and we'll follow.


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Here is the post

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already stumbled your post but digg is not available at the moment. ill try later.

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i just dugg this post.

mariam said...
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mariam said...

Here is me bragging and dancing up a storm!