Sunday, September 23, 2007


Even though we have talked loud about us , this post is for the benefit of our new readers wondering what on earth 'Link And Earn' is all about.
The blogoshpere and the internet is full of freebies and contests. We are extremely happy even if we receive a packet of free peanuts ( Ok, we hear you say that only monkeys dance for peanuts. So long as we are smart monkeys it is fine).

But tell me, won't you be happy to show off your award and cast a million dollar smile. If you have a blog/website where you brag about your prize catch then why not re-post it here and pull the people to your website?

What do you gain ?
  1. Lot of visitors who come to your website to ogle at your prize, your luck/brain and also your site.
  2. More people = More Advertisement
  3. More advertisement = More Money
  4. More Money = A more happy you :)
  5. Get a lot of exposure and links, Ready for it.

What do you lose ?
  1. Not a cent.
  2. You don't even waste time to write an article.

Just give an attractive title and make your content point to your post. If you wish you can additionally write a few words to make people interested.

Link and Earn is all about linking to your blog(s) where you brag about all the good and not so good things you have won in contest (of any kind), blogs or any lottery.If you don't like the word 'brag' then read it as 'share your happiness' ;)


shubhang said...

nice blog dude.

i am your regular visitor from my bloglog.

please add my link on your blog, hey this is my humble request to you. please........

Link And Earn said...

Hey, Thanks for being a regular.

Just drop 3 points about your blog as a comment to the post Saturday Show Off At Link And Earn

Your link will be included for sure. Additionally you may stand to win the blogroll link.

Link And Earn is all about getting to know each other and getting exposure dude.

pearl said...

hey thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog... and thanks for inviting .. here is the post Prizes
thanks much!

Link And Earn said...

You are welcome pearl. Hope you enjoy our love link too :)

Bragging is good for a healthy and wealthy blog

F1wolf said...

Hey, I won in one contest few days back’s-4000-prize-draw/

and there are only few more days left to enter a contest on my other site -

Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said...

I've won quite a few things recently

125x125 ad space from over at blog about your blog (I haven't blog about it yet)

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