Sunday, September 30, 2007

Who won $4000 Worth Prize

The Really BIG Contest Results are out.Yes, David Airey's one year blog anniversary, a big ticket contest gave out $4000 worth of prizes just now. Here are the super lucky top 3 winners
Drew Bennett - Gold
Simone Brunozzi - Silver
Ad Tracker - Bronze

And bonus prizes to 25 happy folks . Check the cloud below to see if your name is here:

Milos ,Dylan Tovey ,Isaak Kwok ,Stefan P. ,Charles Lau ,Lisa Gates, DayJobNuker ,Brad , CashQuests ,Mariam ,Simon ,Steve ,Lincoln , Blain Reinkensmeyer ,Benjamin Barby ,Alisha ,Ash , Melissa ,Ron ,Guy Fulke ,Jon ,Patricia Kennelly ,Pearl ,Daniel Sitter ,Marko Novak

Well, we miss our name being there. ummmmm. That is alright, we are happy to share your happiness. Now it is time for celebration. Start bragging about your sweet success and drop a comment here.

We love to see you show off your prize and remember, bragging is good for your blog's health.

So before you head down to David Airey's site to see what you have won take a minute to subscribe to Link And Earn to keep you updated.

Congrats !!! Make Merry.


Drew said...

I am still in a bit of shock over winning this prize. Now I have to decide which of my blogs will get the royal awesome treatment.

mariam said...

OMG, the concept of your blog cracks me up. Great link bait! :) I'll be checking your blog for the braggarts, lol.