Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good And Best News

We have given an open call to people to brag here. And the best part is you don't have to write a new post. Just point me to the place in your blog where you have mentioned about your victory.

Though the number of readers to this blog and the rss subscription has increased , we don't have anyone show off their prize yet.

Is it because you are

  1. modest
  2. shy
  3. extremely busy counting the money you made
  4. damn lazy to make a comment here liking to your blog
  5. got the prize after knocking out the guy hosting it
  6. have no clue where to make a comment / send a mail to here

Atleast I have an answer for the point no 6. You can make a comment here or reach me here.

The good news is we don't ask you for a backlink nor any favours.The best news is you are exposed exposed to a larger audience at no cost.

Now what are your waiting for ?

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