Friday, September 21, 2007

Saturday Show Off At Link And Earn

To celebrate our successful completion of 1 week , we are opening a 'Saturday Show Off ' contest. Between 22-29 Sep all you have to do is drop a comment here listing 3 key points on why people should visit your site/ blog. We will pick a winner on Saturday, 30 Sep 07.

What is the Prize ?

Folks, we are new born , so if you are looking for cash , you have to wait for some more time.But links and exposure is equally good too. Hence we are generous in giving links from our blog. The winner will occupy an honourable seat in our blogroll for a week.
We like to see a smile in everyones face. Have you noticed kids parties where children who did not win the games are given sweets while the winner goes with prize + sweets.Likewise we will have one post with links to the blog/site of all the cool heads who dropped a comment but didn't end up as the winner. Hey , Everybody is a winner !!!

Standup and Show off. If you don't brag about your blog who will ?

See , We don't even ask you to link back to our site. But highly appreciate if you show your love to us with a post about us.

Note: Adult sites , link directories and spam sites kindly excuse yourself.

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