Monday, September 24, 2007

Who tracks the contest results?

Contests here , contests there and everywhere. There are many blogs just dedicated to report on the new contest. But who is tracking the contest results ?
How many times have you written a post for the contest and forgot about the results until you receive an email or a trackback. It is then you say "Oh I forgot about it completely". Either you are too occupied or the result announcement is one month later and our pigeon hole sized brain has other important things to store that it pushes out the contest entry or simply as in our case we just forget.
Most of the bloggers are professional enough to request you to take your prize but some of them can just wait for you to appear in the scene to claim your prize. Wouldn't you want to go back to their site everyday to check if the results are out or do you want to avoid running around and be informed only when the results come out ?
What do you think if we start tracking the contest results so that you save time to look out for the next topic to post in your blog. Which contest do you need us to track and inform you as when the results are out?
Why not drop a note.
P.S : Contest hosts, We know you spend money in holding contest to bring crowd and this offer is not to turn away the crowd , but make their visit more meaningful.

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