Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We Changed to 3 column layout ourselves

Is this something to brag about ? Not for the tech gurus who play with templates and css even when sleeping. But people like us who stay a mile away when coming to webpage design, xml and all these wierd codewords it is a lot to cheer about.

So you ask "Blogger gives free templates to choose from why don't you pick one from there" ?

Yes they give but the current available ones are all 2 columns. So we used our peanut sized brain to tweak one of the default template and added another column.

Why all this fuss ? We want to add more widgets and with just one sidebar it is very difficult. The side bar is growing too long. We were concerned that you may lose out on all the interesting stuff we put there.

Do you like this change. Why not drop a note ?

If you are on blogger and wish to do something similar, why not contact us ? We will be glad to share with you whatever our little brain learnt.


Jennifer said...

It looks very nice this way. Great if you only get rid of blogger you will be on your way.

Link And Earn said...

Thanks a lot Jennifer for your encouragement.

You mean the blogger free hosting or the blogger nav bar ?

If it is the free hosting , we will move and that will happen gradually we guess.

But if it is then navbar with Blogger logo on top , yeah really it does itch us in the wrong place. But didn't manage to figure yet how to remove it. Any help , pointers greately appreciated.