Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cows not only give milk but also

Do you know the story of the cow that instead of delivering milk , milked 3 wonderful prizes from the big guys in the blog market Seth Godin, Aaron Wall and Yaro Starak. So what does the cow do with them. Obviously give it out , since the cow can't read and attend classes :)
So why don't you visit the Johncow and grab the prizes? For the non winners, the self proclaimed rambling moghul is giving out his free make money online book. Hey wait, if it is already a free ebook how can it be called a prize ? Do they think that we are like the dumb cow ?
But the other 3 prizes are worthy than the low fat milk the cow gives. Check it out.
Hey remember to show off your prize here when you win. We don't ask you any linkbacks. We are simply happy when you are happy. Best wishes.


YC said...

There are some very useful prizes available in this contest - I would highly recommend anyone to consider taking part. Good luck!

free iphone / free ps3 said...

Sounds nice, but I don't trust sites like these for two important reasons:

1. It's very easy to fake a winner.
2. Participants keep linking to them and they get bigger and more popular (and most importantly make LOTS more money), so they can repeat

these contests again to continue the loop.

I’d rather earn my way towards getting a free whatever doing the stuff I do