Thursday, September 20, 2007

I want 50 Singapore Dollars

Here is another contest, this time from Singapore. Jerry Khoo is trying to create a buzz to his new blog with a S$ 50 link bait. That roughly translates to just over US$30. Anything free is good enough. We are shameless, and proudly admit it.

What should we do ? The universal blog requirement. Write an article liking to his blog Jerry Khoo with one of the anchor text he requires.

Well there is one more task he need you to do if you win. Write a 'I won ...' post and drop a note so that people know that someone did genuinely win the prize. Fair enough. Contest is open till Sep 28 and results on 1st oct.

Hey , while you drop a note about you winning the prize to Jerry , remember to inform us too. We will link to your blog at no charge. We don't even ask for a love link. But would gladly accept if you wish to give one.

Remember, this blog is all about boasting your victory. Bragging is good for the health of you and your blog. :)

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