Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bragging Is An Art- If You Know To Perform It Well

Who are good 'braggers' ?
We came across today and thought , wow man, here is someone helping people in the "art of bragging with style and grace".
Did you notice the word 'art'. That is the key. Here we have come across someone who like us perceives bragging as an art as opposed to what the normal mortals think. And doing anything with style and grace is definitely a beautiful art. Peggy Klaus is a communication and leadership coach who teaches the young and not so young this art of bragging.
That made us nostalgic. Shouldn't a 1 week young blog have nostalgia ?
When Was 'Link And Earn' born ?
One fine day in September 2007 (14th to be exact) when we had no better work to do , we gave a deep thought on how people have spoilt the fun of bragging by overusing it for things that are absolutely crap such as "How soon they can put people to sleep with their speech", "How often they fooled the traffic police", "How long they can sit in front of the idiot box", "how many times they have seen the butt of the Hollywood Celebrity". It was this day that Link And Earn was born.
Why was it born?
It was born to make people brag to attract people rather than to scare them away.
What is our mission?
Our missions is to use bragging as a tool to raise the people to a greater height of confidence and inner strength and at the same time earn with it. By earning we mean earning visitors, earning popularity , earning money , earning fame. It depends on what each one is looking for. But the underlying point is it gives everyone a chance to earn.
How about our vision ?
Well it is clearly 20/20 , absolutely no specs, contact lenses or lasik. It is obviously well focussed on you our readers.
Some More Bragging
When we came up with the concept for this blog we never hunted for any resources. It just originated from our high grey matter filled brain and we went to start Link And Earn the very instant. Thanks to folks who host this blog and our dear computer.
Our next hunt was for the topic people can boast instantly. Ofcourse the buzz of today's blogoshpere is the blog contest and where while many people drool over the prizes the winners go around with a million dollar pride for a $10 prize. So the blog contest and any online contest winners became our first target braggers
This (net)ground-breaking concept of ours has given raise to a blog which is purely for the people who wants to read morale boosting stories of people who blow their own horn.
We welcome all braggers, brag wannabes and the silent spectators to the world of Link And Earn.
Back to our starting question . "Who are good braggers ?" One answer is , "They are artists who can communicate in a way that makes you believe that their organization made billions of profit because of them while in reality they only typed the Profit Report." Hey the above statement is purely our creative juice in action. (Another boating !)
If you have any other answers do drop a comment here. We are very eager to hear from you.
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