Monday, October 1, 2007

It is raining Nintendo Wii, $500 Cash and $50 game Voucher

The cows have finally announced their winners for $500 cash, a Nintendo Wii with a $50 game voucher and one of the goodies from Seth Godin, Aaron Wall or Yaro Starak or even a new 16GB iPod touch from Million Euro Wiki .

Here is the list of winners

  1. Joyce Babu : $500 cash prize
  2. AdsenseTracker : Nintendo Wii and game voucher
  3. Angel and Chris Jacobson : Hard cover copies of Seth Godin’s Purple Cow and The Big Moo
  4. CristianR and Terry Didcott : Aaron Wall’s SEOBook
  5. Dana : 3 months free membership with BlogMastermind dot Com
  6. Investing : Winner of the 16GB iPod Touch

Folks, you may visit the cows announcement post here . But before that subscribe to Link And Earn. Your best place to brag about your success and your blog and to keep track of hot contest results.

Congrats all !!! Remember to link your prize show off post here. Bragging is good for your blog's health.


Joyce Babu said...

Thanks for the mention :)

Angel said...

I won a book called The Big Moo! Hahaha.