Thursday, October 11, 2007

500 Dollars From Marketing Pilgrim

We got to be honest. We didn't know about Marketing Pilgrim. It is our our problem. If some people don't know William Wordsworth, does it make him any less popular. He is(was) what he is(was). So is Marketing Pilgrim.

We are always on the lookout for contest results and our favourite braggers and it was through Contest Beat that we chanced on Marketing Pilgrim.

Enought of our open heart honesty policy( you should know we love to brag), now to the $500 stuff. If you tell them why you visit (do you?) them daily in your post , link to them and drop a comment , you stand to win $500. Add to it a link from thier PR7 rated site. Sounds good. Last date is Nov15.

So why will we come back? We can only talkfor the future folks,remember this is our first visit, so we can't say why we keep coming back ;) We will keep coming back because :

1. We wish to learn the ropes of some marketing stuff and you have such a nice content
2. The round up on the industry news is interesting
3. And above all , we wish to know if we won the $500 ;)

Folks they have a lovely e-book , which we started reading(loads of good stuff). Feel free to use it, should we take the liberty to say that ?

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