Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We won $50 At Contest Beat And Going for $100

Hurray !!! that is $50 cash for offering our valued opinion. Not bad uh?

Contest Beat held their first contest to suggest the best prize that could be given out in blog contest. The prize should be <= $100 and shippable to any place in the world from the place of purchase. Ofcourse we all know nothing beats hard cash, and we told them so but also gave them the suggestion about Amazon gift certificates. Ok, it may not be an out of the the world suggestion , but we were just trying to find a more or less equal alternative to cash.

For the second, random winner of another $50 via paypal or Amazon voucher, I
assigned each entry a number as you can see below and simply visited
to get a winner… and that winner was Link And Earn ...

Just waiting to lay our hands on the raw cash. Thanks Matt. See bragging can earn too.

By the way Contest Beat is organising a contest with $100 prize money. All you have to do is add contest beat to your blogroll and leave a comment in their contest post . You can increase your chance by writing a post and link to them. The closing date is 31 Oct. Hey folks , this is the easiest competion, you don't have to think hard like we did for the previous competition. All the best.

Matt , we pocketed 2 birds in one shot. This is our bragging post as well as our entry to your contest. That is why we are the smart braggers. :)


Prince John said...

That is awesomatic. Dude you do the bragging, I shall give you some flattery too ;)

Makes a deadly duo. Now, I should say, I am going to win the 100, for me to run my own contest...

ok, for the time being,

i am happy with ur bragging,


Prince John of


linkandearn said...

Thx for your flattery our Honour Prince of Rambles.

Your ramblifiction and our bragging goes well.

So when we ramble you start to brag. :)