Saturday, October 13, 2007

Why Do We Need The Memory Card

Does that question need a million dollar contest , no way , we need a memory card because we have less memory (less brain ? .. that is a different point to argue about).
Ok , we know thepisstakers (ofcourse, they gave us a minireview and told the whole world that we have a clever concept" . In case you don't know them , it is a good chance to get introduced to the guy who mixes humour and satire in good proportion and serves them quite well.
Why are we writing about them when we started the topic about our peanut memory. Oh that is because thepisstakers are holding a contest to give away a $39 memory card to celebrate the 392 rss readers. Contest is fine and more rss number is even better. But we scratch our head and forehead on 392 being a landmark. Doesn't the pisstakers like round numbers like 400 ?
All you have to do is tell them in a post which of his article makes your toes curl. Ok , if it stretches for you. Contest ending on Oct 14.
We liked this post on Air India travle by Ed because
1. When an Indian chef brags about serving hot food, you better don't challenge him. Forget the inedible portion of the story.
2. The time sense of the pilot is extraordinary . Hey we will be confused if you tell us 2 minutes to 2. We understand much better if you said 1:58.
Here is the original post from thepisstakers.
Air India travel funny stories
This is inspired by a transatlantic flight on Air India, JFK to Heathrow. I would like to make it perfectly clear that it was a really smooth flight with impeccable service and very tasty food. And for $276, what more do you want?! But as a pisstaker, I am obliged to find the satirical content in a delightful experience.
Air India episode no. 1
Air stewardess: I am sorry, sir, we only have mutton curry. The self-confessed white Yankee American passenger next to me paled.
He had just ordered the bland chicken and made a point of telling everyone around him that his introduction to real Indian food was not going to take place on an airplane.
Fortunately, air travel broadened this man's mind very rapidly and he dug into a hearty meal and enjoyed it - really. I was going to tell him about the time I challenged a chef at an Indian restaurant. The deal was that he couldn't cook me a meal too hot to eat.
Let's just say, neither of us won, in fact we were both losers, me with my face and ass on fire and him bragging that he had made an inedible meal.
Air India episode no 2
Captain over intercom: The current time, ladies and gentlemen, is 58 minutes after 7. Quite a few passengers were looking around in disbelief at the Calcutta captain's abject attempt at telling the time.
A neighbor added, "For the benefit of those new to clocks, that means it's 2 minutes to 8!" And when the plane landed at 7.68, this passenger was relieved to arrive safe and sound, sane and on the ground in one piece, stomach intact.
Thanks Air India for flying a pisstaker so far for so little with so much food and kindly service. Had any heart-stopping experiences on a plane?


Ed said...

Hey, i would just like to thank you for your post and pre-announce that you have something to brag about! You're a winner.

linkandearn said...

woohoooo. That sounds great. We are going to have a memory boost. Thanks Ed.

Just waiting for your post so that we will start our bragging once again and our love links to you.

OS9USER said...

Congratulations , on the memory card and winning The Pisstakers Contest. - Well Done.


linkandearn said...

Thanks os9user. We appreciate your appreciation.

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