Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Most Expensive Birthday Bash At Problogger

Our hearts are thumping hard. Do you hear it? When you read this you can hear yours. Yes , Problogger is giving out close to $60,000 (yes , that is right) worth of prizes in the birthday bash.

The list of sponsors are huge. A variety of contest will be held over a week and multiple winners will be selected. The first contest has already started. It is a simple one that is to leave a comment in his post.

We are rushing there. Will come back with some update later. Are you joining us ? Subscribe to our feed to keep you updated.

Remember to brag in Link And Earn if you win something. All the best.


Collin said...

Hey. I will send you my contest information when it launchs on october 15th. $100,000.00 first place prise.......now that makesit the biggest contest ever don't it?

p.s. fix your mybloglog widget it takes up some space where some words are....make it smaller or longer bud should do the trick.

Link And Earn said...

Sure it will be the master of all contests Collin.

We will scream our lungs out to announce the world when you host the $100,000 contest (if it is really US$100,000 ;) )

Hey thanks for pointing us the mybloglog widget. But you know our machine either is too smart that it shows the widget properly or we are too blur eyed.Don't see any truncation.

Would you help us with a screen shot or something.