Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Morphing Gift Certificate

Contest beat wants us to squeeze our creative juice to come up with the coolest prize for US$100 or less and that can be shipped anywhere from the place of purchase.

We can come up with about 100 items for that $100. Starting with the simplest we would say "just send us the $100 cash. Not a cent more". See, we fit your bill exactly. Cash is king.

But we are not going to say that. We will go for a more interesting deal. Just to give us the pure pleasure of spending other people's money we will go on a virtual shopping trip at Amazon. Dude, you don't have to bother about shipping , it is an e-cert, but if you are interested send us a traditional paper ticket with your personal touch. We will be elated. So our coolest prize is $100 worth Amazon gift certificates.
Read the following carefully.While we get prizes from you we would like you to have the pleasure of receiving something from us as thanksgiving. How ? If you happen to be an amazon associate, we will do our purchases through you and let you earn the commision. So in effect you will spend less than $100 because you will earn back some money. How do you like the deal ?

Send us the gift certs and we will show you what the certs got morphed into.

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