Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Winners of Contest 1

The prizes have started pouring in . The winners of the first constest @ problogger are the following . Congrats folks ? It is a fantastic gift isn't and you are the chosen ones from among 764 entries. Darn lucky.
Have you bragged about your success. Then why don't you drop a note here. We are here to cheer you some more.
Congrats !! And subscribe to us to keep you updated. You can't afford to miss out anything.


Justin said...

Ok I will be the first to comment. I was happy when I noticed I was a winner as I just made the post during a break at work. I did notice you put my name with another person named Tyson but thats A ok. I am happy to win!

mariam said...

I need to post another victory dance soon!

I also need to buy a lottery ticket this weekend. :)

Go me!

Derek said...

Thanks for mentioning the contest and providing a link! I've just posted about winning the contest on my site and am loving the book thus far.

DarrinW said...


I wanted to come around to drop a comment as well, but forgot and I do have a very busy life. I have only started on the first few pages up til now, lol. I can only ogle at the other people who won the other gifts :)

Thanks for linking to me. By the way, a unique blog concept you have. All the best.

Link And Earn said...

Hi Darrin,
You are welcome. When you do brag about your win, remember to link it here. We are very happy to hear people brag.