Thursday, October 11, 2007

We Want The Email Id Of Our Readers

Yes, We want your email id. Not to harvest them and spam you with itchy marketing stuff. This request arises out of our genuine interest to contact you.

We are on blogger(that is known), but what we don't know is how to get the email id of our commenters so that we can personally write to thank you for the effort you take to comment and to acknowledge us.

We have enabled blogger's mail comments to us , but that send the mail from the classic Hey why on earth we need that email id. What we are interested is to reach you , our beloved readers and our life line.

Do you know of any plug-in to blogger which can be substituted in place of the standard not so interesting "Comment form" that the blogger provides. We will be interested to know how you all manage this. Please brag about it.

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