Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yentoo Gives $25 Cash For You To Stay Healthy

Yentoo wishes healthy lifestyle for all, that is why their blog is on healthy , happy life. What should you do to have a healthy , happy blog , you should brag and more importantly brag in Link And Earn . Oops, did we start it again,psst couldn't control ourself from bragging.

So, here is their contest to give away $25 to anyone living on earth(sorry folks orbiting in the satellite up there)who writes a review about them.Then link this page and another page . Make a comment or send trackbacks and wait till Nov 1. That is it.

So did we write our review, oh yes, that is our opening statement. Oh,one more thing to add,can the About Page have the meaning of 'Yentoo' please.

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