Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Innovate 2007 Games Design Contest

Interested in games ? Winners of the games design contest held in Ukraine are :

  1. First Place: Twinkle Toes Skating (Hanako Games, U.K.)

  2. Second Place: PicnicPolice (Pretty Good Games, USA)

  3. Third Place: Magic Circles (Nikolay Kuzmin, Russia)

Special Nomination Winners

  1. Most Innovative: Dangerous High School Girls (Mousechief, USA)

  2. Most Addictive: Magic Circles (Nikolay Kuzmin, Russia)

  3. Best Character: Halloween Night: Pumpkin Match (EleFun Games, Russia)

  4. Best Story Development: LexVenture (Warptag, Brazil)

  5. Best Production Values: Cradle of Persia (Awem Studio, Belorus)

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