Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another 100 Dollars is at stake from BAYB

Folks, BAYB (not BABY did you get that correct) is giving out $100, $50 and $50 for the top 3 people who win their contest. Hey how is it the 2nd and 3rd prize the same ? Ok just forget it . Do you care if you come 2nd or 3rd so long as you pocket $50 ? The 4th and 5th places get a featured review and a featured link.

So what is the deal. Just post about Blog About Your Blog and their sponsor Bidvertiser who is running a promotions where new advertisors can get $20 worth of free. Make sure you link to them , comment on their post or send trackback and wait till 29th Oct.

By the way , do you know that BAYB bragged about us ? Click here to see how BAYB bragged about us and click here to see how we bragged in return. Oh our goodness, we never get tired of it. Hey did you subscribe to our feed.

Bragging keeps your blog healty and wealthy.

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