Thursday, October 18, 2007

Our Memory Got Boosted For $39

How did we boost our memory. Did we drink those energy drinks? No not at all. We won the highly intelligent people's only contest at thepisstakers and that gives us a $39 memory card with 128MB. It will help us to store more information about our beloved braggers and patrons.
See the pisstakers brag about us.
Link and Earn, braggers supreme, wrote a creative post about the incentive to win this memory card competition ...

And they are very eager to see us brag. Have we ever disappointed anyone. No, and will never. So true to our nature he we go bragging.

Do you know that this contest was not based on luck but based on creativity too ? It is a proof that we we are also creative. Hey, you already know about our creative juices by the theme of this blog.

Talking about thepisstakers, reminds us of one of their post where they tell us that some people are sensitive to use the 'P' word in their name. Folks this site is not those X,A or any letter denoting adult contest site. Don't be offended by the 'piss' in pisstakers. This is a nice place with good humour and satire and we come here often for some fresh air. Thanks Ed for the prize as well as for a good site.

Now that we have additional memory , what is the best way to use it folks. Drop a message. By the way subscribe to us to meet new braggers and keep you updated with contest results.

Update: We have received the memory card intact.We are sure our memory will have a boost. Thanks to Pisstakers who took the trouble to post it to a different corner of the world. Appreciate it folks.


Ed said...

Nice brag!



LinkAndEarn said...

Thank You . We are authentic braggers.